Starting out in life, we are poked and prodded and dressed up in strange clothing. One almost-universal gesture is to create a plater mold of a baby’s feet. This leaves a near permanent fossil of something that was once small, beautiful, and almost perfect—the footprint of a baby.


As we grow our footprints become deeper, like footprints in the sand. We as humans look at our footprints and watch as the sea washes them away like we were never really here at all. Just a brief fleeting reminder where we once stood is quickly washed away by an awesome power we have really yet to understand and our own arrogance will not let us respect as we should.


Growing up as Americans and getting older, we become more useful, able to give back, work, play, serve, worship, but most everything we touch has a new fossil on it, our carbon footprint.


Image source: MIT

The above image shows a scale of how we over-use, over-do, over-want, over-need, under-estimate, and ignore what has become a growing issue for some and a nuisance for others. Whether we believe it or not it doesn’t make it less true that everything we touch is now marred with our mark, our DNA, our footprint.


As a global community, we have learned and are learning the importance of our digital footprint. In the modern society, the digital footprint defines who you are. We need to ensure it’s accurately painting the right picture about you. You need to protect your footprint as well from those that would try to steal a piece of you, sometimes marring your portrait and leaving your footprint broken or nonexistent. Much like the ocean can wash away our footprints in the sand, hackers and morally deficient individuals will try to erase you from existence in order to have what you have worked hard to create. We have tools, we have knowledge, and we only lack the proper wisdom at time to use these tools to protect ourselves.  It never easiest to make the right choice, but it’s better to make the hard right choice than the easy wrong.


Think about your footprints, who you touch, where you go, how you live. What can we do better, what should we do right? Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. Even if no one else is looking, think about if this action, this thought, this moment was cast in plaster like the perfection of the infant foot, how would it would compare, and if this is the fossil you want others to remember you by...

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