I had received an object of complaint letters, stating that the object of the project had not been met and that as Project Manager, I had myself become the object of the failure. My immediate response was to object to the accusation, basing my objection on the fact that the complaint was predicated on false information and therefore the objective was not based on fact and this was an object lesson in how to waste people's time.


Being an English speaker from birth, the sentence above can be readily understood, but boy do you have to have sympathy for someone learning English as a second language. The sentence is an example of a homonym, where words are spelt the same and indeed sound the same, but have different meanings.


Objects are an integral part of everyone’s daily lives, as we are continuously interacting with objects to achieve our goals—for example, drinking our morning coffee out of an object suited to that purpose. In this case, a mug.


The pursuit of objects is also the foundation for much that is good and bad with humanity: in the past, currently, and certainly something that will remain in the long distant future. Conquests were very much based on objects, where wealth and position were attained from the acquisition of objects of desire, such as gold and jewels. Our society is still obsessed with collecting material objects, either for their perceived enhancement of one’s life or and for the status they bring.


In many dystopian novels and films, that materialism is the foundation for all that is bleak and undesirable about that society. The reverse is also manifestly true, where inequality is a thing of the past—a futuristic society where money and objects are replaced by knowledge, achievements, and experiences.


I know where I would rather have the future takes us: a life where happiness is not based on what we own or how it compares to others, and where our passions and drives are not dictated to by what we can buy or acquire.


We are all guilty of this approach to life, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I ask that you give some thought as to whether your life will be enhanced by whatever the number-one gift will be this year, or by finding an activity or holiday that will create memories for you and your family.