Thanks to pervasive acronymization of society, we now down in daily grammar like FOMO, FWIW, FML, FB, and FBF.


What we should never have, as IT professionals, is FUD.


“What is FUD,” you say? Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.


Now, I’m new to the world of IT pros. Yeah, I’m a project and product manager. Yes, I’ve always worked in tech, but, no. I’ve never contributed to this epic world of infrastructure. Now that I have a window into it, I’m shocked y’all have managed to keep running, despite our (cave women and men) best attempt to break things.


Fear our spilled coffee on our laptops.

Loathe our forgotten passwords.

Glare feigned disbelief when we tell our dog ate our work phone.

Quake in your boots when we lie about clearing our cache.


But, don’t you EVER dare to have Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt about the future of our industry.


I told you I’m a newb. This has been a sweet indoctrination into your world. I get to watch every episode of SolarWinds Lab live. I’m running around the building like a maniacal squirrel during THWACKcamp. I’m in the booths during trade shows, and launching THWACK contests and pages for every new feature we roll out.


Heck, I can almost tell you what Cisco ASA is. Almost. (Um…direct all questions to kmsigma)


If I had to summarize my single biggest takeaway from this tenure at SolarWinds and THWACK:


The future isn’t coming.

The future isn’t near.

The future isn’t here.


The future is constantly arriving, and will never stop showing up.


Those with Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt have much a smaller place in this industry. Hybrid IT wasn’t our plan, it just happened. The world of a manageable number of nodes, switches, routers and endpoints is going the way of IPv4. Oh, my, and how are we going to prepare for this growing onslaught of malicious entities in the world?


We can’t face them with FUD. We have to face them with decisiveness. We have to meet them with action. It is our readiness and equal or greater power that will see ourselves succeed over these constantly changing winds of the industry.


Why do I love tech? Because, the industry is only limited by the imaginations of those pushing forward. What does that make you? A superhero.


Our imaginations can go wild and we can plan to solve any one of the world’s problems. We just could never do it without you building and managing the infrastructure.