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DAY 29: Return

Posted by Dez Employee Dec 29, 2016



          I couldn’t think of anything to write about the word return.  Then, I started thinking about the meaning of return, and how that would mean you once had to have something to use the word return.  Even on a keyboard, you use the return key to move to the next row to start a beginning or a continuation of a words or thoughts.  So I do, in fact, have some words for this word return.


         Personally, I have been looking for a pool table that my dad had in his house since I could ever remember.  Not just any pool table you’d find anywhere.  This was, in fact, a 1901 Brunswick Newport pool table my dad played on in a pool hall in Yale, OK when he was a child.  A focal point in our living room and a pride symbol for my father.


         My dad purchased this in 1975 when the building it was in became condemned.  Yes, he was able to buy his childhood memories and told stories of this all my life.  As a young girl, they were boring stories and repetitive.  He became sick with a blood cancer and before he passed away he had it recovered and played three games on this table, and they were the happiest we saw in almost a year.  To say the least, that memory is not replaceable.


         February 22nd, 2013 my father passed away.  In the mess of things being auctioned and my mother having to pay bills, she lost the pool table.  That bothered me for years.  I started calling every place I could think of to find this pool table.  I finally found this table a few days ago.  (They are literally setting it up right now)  So in a weird way, I, myself, bought back my memories just like my father.


         Return is what I accomplished today.  A way to continue my father’s, my children’s, and my memories with this table.  This pool tables return is completing a circle and a sense of respect to my dad that I now understand. 


         It’s funny when we are little how much we take in from our parents but never understand the magnitude until we are older.  I’ve fought and never gave up on that table, just like my dad.  Now it’s here with me again, and the memories of dancing on top of it as a child with him including my girls are flooding back in.  The memories of all the parties and of him being an entertainer extraordinaire will carry out as long as I live.  Then I hope it will return to my children to begin even more.


         I’m a little teary-eyed indeed with this word, return.  To me, this is the best darn word I could have been given, for today.



~Dez ~


DAY 24: Hope

Posted by Dez Employee Dec 24, 2016



             Hope, how can you summarize the emotions that are packed into this one little word?  I'm going to try and see if I can do this word justice, as it constantly comes back to myself as a spiritual feeling no matter how many times I've written and rewritten this blog.  However, that's just where I keep coming to in conclusion.  I'll keep this blog as best as I can away from spiritual enlightenment as possible.



          Lets look back through history and we can see where hope was all people needed to cross great oceans and terrain to find their place in this world.  It has led soldiers to battles they didn't even understand the full reasons for being in and allowing them to come home after the fight.  This word has helped fuel families praying for healing, food, shelter, clothing, and many essentials to get them through their days.  Some say without hope what do you have in this world that is crumbling at times around us.



          The origin of the word hope as a noun as confidence in the future and the verb represents hope for salvation and mercy.  So I realized why I relate this to spirituality, I obviously was raised by a "doing" type of family!    Then I noticed that I had confidence in my future because I had hope of salvation and mercy on my sins within this world.  Putting this knowledge altogether, no matter who you are or what religion you believe in, hope allows us to connect with everyone.  We all want to believe things are to be better in bad situations, and we do this on faith that pushes us to believe that hope will come through.



          Many of us, especially around the holidays, cling to the hope that a miracle can happen.  That during the holidays there is something in the air that helps us push through.  We hunker down and hope that we don't go too far into debt and make it out alive after the in-laws leave the house.  Hoping that the spirits we have these holidays are drank with moderation. 



              Well I hope that I have left you with something to think about at this point.  I tried to keep it low key as I was told previously my word got a little deep on the heaviness for a Saturday morning.  Have a great weekend to everyone and Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all!












DAY 17: Awaken

Posted by Dez Employee Dec 17, 2016


          I’ve been waiting to share this word.  You know for 17 days…  Ok, seriously this poem helps to make me realize that we need to grasp the moment. Seize the day and conquer our fears or we will merely be useless creatures on this earth with nothing to offer the world.  Maybe not that dramatic but literally while reading this poem I was empowered and felt like I needed to JUMP quickly.


I hope that by sharing this it sparks someone’s mind that is on the edge of doing greatness but needs that little push, like I did.


Here is the poem by Naima



we are in the wake
of a great shifting


you better free your mind
before they illegalize thought

there’s a war going on

the first casualty was truth
and it’s inside you

the universe is counting on our belief
that faith is more powerful than fear
and in that the shifting moment
we’ll all remember why we’re here

in a world where you’re assassinated for having a dream
and the rich spend 9 billion a year to control our ideas
and visions are televised so things aren’t what they seem

we gotta believe
in a world where
there’s room enough for everyone
to breathe

cause reality is made up of
7 billion thoughts
who made up their minds
of what’s real and what’s not

so I stopped believing
in false idols of war
greed and hate
is not worth my faith

my mind’s dedicated
to justice
my soul is devoted
to love

and love is God
and God is truth
and truth is you
and you are me
and I am everything
and everything is nothing
and nothing is the birthplace of creation
and transformation is possible
and you are proof

we were born right now
for a reason
we can be whatever
we give ourselves the power to be

and right now we need
day dreamers
gate keepers
bridge builders
soul speakers
web weavers
light bearers
food growers
wound healers
trail blazers
truth sayers
life lovers
peace makers

give what you most deeply desire
to give
every moment you are choosing to live
or you are waiting

why would a flower hesitate to open?
now is the only moment
rain drop let go
become the ocean

possibility is as wide
as the space
we create
to hold it


by Naima




Day 12: Forgive

Posted by Dez Employee Dec 12, 2016

Day 12: Forgive


               Forgive, I feel like I’ve done a lot of this in my life time.  Ok, I’ll be honest, perhaps just in the last few years have I actually forgiven. I didn’t know how to forgive since we never really forget things.  Time heels and forgiveness is automatic, right?  I wish, but when we loop said memories time doesn’t get to separate us from the feeling of hurt, anger, or other emotions.  Instead we relive these moments almost with the same amount of emotion as before but with responses we wish we could do for them.  Alas, we are in the moment of unforgiveness.


                Forgiving is powerful.  That said, I figured I would be able to share how I have learned to forgive finally in my life.  When I was 33 years old I had a lot of life events happen to myself that, well, almost drowned me.  I had a choice to either be consumed by negative feelings or overcome these feelings. By the way, this is easy to write but not easily attainable…  Here are something things I have had to do to let things go and forgive.


  1. Notice negative thoughts and label them as such
    1. Recognizing a negative thought and saying “hey this is a ____ thought” helped me to stop them from looping in my mind.  Similar to filtering by adding custom properties to them and then excluding.  (You know I had to bring in the tech stuff, lol… )
  2. Ask for forgiveness
    1. Ask for forgiveness for my negative thoughts and the ones I’ve created in response.  This can be to yourself, God, meditation, or anything that you believe in.
      1. I know this sounds WEIRD but this is literally what helped me.
  3. Pray (once again or anything you believe in) for forgiveness to the person that created the need for forgiveness.  To wish them well and to have a rewarding life.
    1. Asking to forgive the ones that have hurt you is tough, but this is what helped me to balance the scales on wrong or right.  To allow me to let go of things and create an even field of emotions.
  4. Ask to be forgiven by people you may have hurt
    1. I was asking for forgiveness to anyone I may have hurt and to allow them to have peace from these feelings.


Forgive, this word has helped me grow as a person and I just wish that I would’ve figured this out at a younger age.  Though I wouldn’t be the person I am without having the life I’ve lived to date. Something about our “having” a past allows us to grow and learn to define our pathways in the future.  Allowing us to be better prepared for bumps and potholes and knowing how to navigate around them as we march forward in our life.


DAY 7: Choose

Posted by Dez Employee Dec 7, 2016




This word has such merit and weight.  Why?  Why is a six letter word so intriguing to me, you may ask?  Simple: I choose to live every day.  I choose to love and learn every day, all day, and (because I work in IT, after all) sometimes through the night.  When I make a choice it’s done never to mention again right?  That one choice was made and forgotten. However, when I choose it’s an ongoing effort to display my beliefs, courage, decisions, and rights every step of the way in everything I do.


I’ve chosen to try and live my life daily with the four L’s in mind: Live, laugh, love, and learn. These words not only helped me in any decisions or life event, they are now my core or center if you will.  There is a lot of power that comes with waking up and knowing that I have choices to make and I have to choose to obey and accept the consequences they create.


                Consequences, that’s a loaded word for sure, am I right? It’s really easy in today’s world for people to sit behind keyboards and troll or do harm without, seemingly, any consequences.  I choose to believe that I live by my written work like I do face to face.  However, that is a whole other word, article, and thought process.  (Rabbit whole, yikes)


I feel like we don’t live and die by the choices we make, you live or die by choosing to stick with your choices.  That, right there folks, sums up why this word means so much to me. It gives me a reason to be mindful in my work, to think deeply about what I do.


Well, that and George Jones – "Choices" were words to live by growing up

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