I couldn’t think of anything to write about the word return.  Then, I started thinking about the meaning of return, and how that would mean you once had to have something to use the word return.  Even on a keyboard, you use the return key to move to the next row to start a beginning or a continuation of a words or thoughts.  So I do, in fact, have some words for this word return.


         Personally, I have been looking for a pool table that my dad had in his house since I could ever remember.  Not just any pool table you’d find anywhere.  This was, in fact, a 1901 Brunswick Newport pool table my dad played on in a pool hall in Yale, OK when he was a child.  A focal point in our living room and a pride symbol for my father.


         My dad purchased this in 1975 when the building it was in became condemned.  Yes, he was able to buy his childhood memories and told stories of this all my life.  As a young girl, they were boring stories and repetitive.  He became sick with a blood cancer and before he passed away he had it recovered and played three games on this table, and they were the happiest we saw in almost a year.  To say the least, that memory is not replaceable.


         February 22nd, 2013 my father passed away.  In the mess of things being auctioned and my mother having to pay bills, she lost the pool table.  That bothered me for years.  I started calling every place I could think of to find this pool table.  I finally found this table a few days ago.  (They are literally setting it up right now)  So in a weird way, I, myself, bought back my memories just like my father.


         Return is what I accomplished today.  A way to continue my father’s, my children’s, and my memories with this table.  This pool tables return is completing a circle and a sense of respect to my dad that I now understand. 


         It’s funny when we are little how much we take in from our parents but never understand the magnitude until we are older.  I’ve fought and never gave up on that table, just like my dad.  Now it’s here with me again, and the memories of dancing on top of it as a child with him including my girls are flooding back in.  The memories of all the parties and of him being an entertainer extraordinaire will carry out as long as I live.  Then I hope it will return to my children to begin even more.


         I’m a little teary-eyed indeed with this word, return.  To me, this is the best darn word I could have been given, for today.



~Dez ~