We interrupt the daily December Writing Challenge posts to pause for station identification and clarify the process.


When I originally planned this event, I had some ideas in mind. Ideas that the THWACK platform could handle easily. Unfortunately, it could handle a lot of OTHER things easily too and I didn't take that into account.


"Discussions", for example. "Discussions" is a great little feature that is completely different from a blog post, a question, an idea, an... well, you get the idea.  So it's perfectly reasonable that people have been posting their daily entries as a discussion.


Unfortunately, it's been distracting from the "official" Word-a-day post, which are blog posts. It's not unfortunate because people are having discussions. It's unfortunate because discussion is now happening in two (or more) places. My goal was to have all the sharing and ideas for a given day happen in a single thread.


So today, the inimitable (and incredibly named) wabbott is making a few changes: discussions have been turned off, and only "approved" users will be able to create blog posts.


Each day, one member of the SolarWinds staff will write the lead post relating to the word of the day. And the community can add their entries below it, along with comments, counterpoints, discussions (the actual "me talking to you" kind, not the "click here to create a thread" kind), and more.


I continue to be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, the depth of thought, the range of ideas, and the willingness to share that our community has shown during this challenge. I am humbled to be included among you.


Thank you, and keep those posts and comments coming!

- Leon