This word has such merit and weight.  Why?  Why is a six letter word so intriguing to me, you may ask?  Simple: I choose to live every day.  I choose to love and learn every day, all day, and (because I work in IT, after all) sometimes through the night.  When I make a choice it’s done never to mention again right?  That one choice was made and forgotten. However, when I choose it’s an ongoing effort to display my beliefs, courage, decisions, and rights every step of the way in everything I do.


I’ve chosen to try and live my life daily with the four L’s in mind: Live, laugh, love, and learn. These words not only helped me in any decisions or life event, they are now my core or center if you will.  There is a lot of power that comes with waking up and knowing that I have choices to make and I have to choose to obey and accept the consequences they create.


                Consequences, that’s a loaded word for sure, am I right? It’s really easy in today’s world for people to sit behind keyboards and troll or do harm without, seemingly, any consequences.  I choose to believe that I live by my written work like I do face to face.  However, that is a whole other word, article, and thought process.  (Rabbit whole, yikes)


I feel like we don’t live and die by the choices we make, you live or die by choosing to stick with your choices.  That, right there folks, sums up why this word means so much to me. It gives me a reason to be mindful in my work, to think deeply about what I do.


Well, that and George Jones – "Choices" were words to live by growing up