Day 25: Telemetry

Posted by jbiggley Dec 25, 2019

As the complexity of our technology increases, bridging our on-premises and cloud environments, stitching together monolithic applications with microservices, bare metal, and virtual servers with containers, our ability to find the signals from within the noise of our metrics, events, logs, and traces becomes even more complex, too. We talk about the idea of telemetry, the act of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument, as though it’s a sort of magical, mystical practice or, even worse, something we can purchase to solve all our problems.


When the principle of observability is exercised, we can deconstruct the noise, chase away their ghosts in the machines, and wrangle the telemetry of our environments to achieve the stability and performance that so often seems aloof. When we can control the noisy signals, we soon discover we can master the signals from our own domain and interweave the telemetry that matters from the business (revenue per customer, profit margin, cost of goods sold) and our customers (time-to-first-byte, uptime, Apdex) into a complex but purposeful narrative.


What signals matter to you? To your business? To your customers? How have you wrangled that telemetry into a meaningful narrative?

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