Did you know you naturally do things better than most adults? It’s true!  You have a natural gift for being curious, and for being unafraid to ask questions.


Especially, “why” questions.


If you ask enough “why” questions, you uncover the real reason something is occurring. Imagine you ask your mom why she can’t stay home and play with you.


You: Mom, why can’t you stay here and play with me today?

Mom: Because today is a workday and I have to go to work.

You: Why do you have to go to work?

Mom: I have to go to work because we need the money.

You: Why do we need the money?

Mom: Because we need money to pay for our food and apartment and our clothes and many other things we need.


So why can’t your mom stay home and play with you? The root cause is she needs money to buy the things you need and want.