This is a poem with drawings about Key Performance Indicator

Don’t worry, it’s not some kind of a scary monster!

You can simply call it KPI

I’ll tell you what it is, how it’s useful, and why.


You first have to make a plan

About how much you want to do and by when you can.

And when you want to know how well you scored,

You can see the smart machine’s dashboard.



It’s got eyes that look like pizza slices,

It never lies and can give you surprises.

Its face is made of graphs and things that look like cat-ear charts,

There are zig-zag lines like jagged mountains that run all across

Thin and fat building blocks to show your boss

Big and small numbers of all sorts


It tells you if you were slower or faster that week,

Shorter or taller that month, if you had lesser or more of something that year.

It runs across spring and summer,

And through autumn and winter.

It can go on and on, forever!



There’s a big meter that looks like half of a clock,

With a needle pointing to a result that’s good, bad,

OK, or not. If it makes you sad when your scores are small,

You can take new action

Towards a better future for you and for all.


About the writer

Rashmi Kakde is a Senior User Experience Researcher at SolarWinds MSP