Hey Buddy, you want to know what cloud migration is? Let me try to explain it in your terms.


Imagine you have a bunch of LEGO bricks in your room. They’re your valuable things, you play with them every day, and build nice things with them. It all works out well for you for a while.


You’re proud of what you can build with your bricks and you always know where you have your different colors and sizes of bricks.


Over time, it gets more and more complicated to manage all the bricks and know where all the bricks are. For birthday presents you get LEGO, you take your savings and buy LEGO—those bricks are everywhere. You build up a nice collection and as you have plenty of bricks, you get a bit lazy to organize them. But now your parents want you to keep your room clean and ask you to keep your LEGO bricks organized, and just as you wanted to build that nice fire department, you realize you can’t find the roll-up door you need to build it.


And while you’re munching away at your meal, it’s getting more and more messy.


That’s when you start looking for something new and different to store and manage your bricks.


You talk to your kindergarten friends and you hear from that other kid who has a whole house just for LEGO bricks. There are people who clean the bricks, sort them into little boxes, and make little prebuilt constructions that you just need to put together to get those buildings you always wanted to build. They even have that fire department already prebuilt for you to play with it directly—no need to put the bricks together. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


You talk to the kid and they say you can bring all your bricks to the house and the people who work there will take care of your bricks, you get a key to the house, and you get your own locked compartment.


Now it’s up to you to decide if you trust the other kid, and if you want to move your LEGO bricks to that house. This is the other big thing: getting all your bricks together and getting them over there, or maybe starting with some bricks and keep others at home—it’s up to you.


Decide for yourself, if and how you want to give those bricks to the other kid. They’ll still be yours and you’re responsible for them.


And now my opinion on this…