Do you know the dough for two pizzas needs about 3.5 cups or 440 grams of flour? Well, now you do, and you just learned an important metric. It’s the quantity, and without measuring, we wouldn’t have an idea what’s going to happen to the dough. Once we eat the pizza, we need to go running, measured by either the distance or the time. And we do this because we need to burn the calories, which is another metric for energy.


While we do eat pizza in IT, we’re more interested in metrics like utilization; CPU or bandwidth, for example.


So, a metric is a meaningful record of measuring something specific.


Each element in IT crucial to the business should be monitored, and there are important metrics for each type of these elements. Understanding changes in the metrics will help to prevent outages, mitigate risks, or minimize downtime during troubleshooting.


In general, it’s a good idea to monitor any scarce resource. Yes, including availability.