You’ll live in an era with more technology, more formal education, and more wealth than any generation before you. With the pace of technology, you’ll get to play with things that won’t exist in generations before or after you. Inspiration is everywhere, but you’ll rarely see it if you aren’t looking for it.


Discipline yourself to routinely invest time to:


  • Find an unanswered question that excites you. There are many questions that are important to answer, even if it takes generations to arrive at the answer. Find a way to contribute! You have more power to change the world than you know.


  • Fill your time with unfamiliar experiences and learn new skills. Say yes to opportunities to do things you have no experience with, even ones you aren’t sure you’ll enjoy. Discover something new about yourself and your potential.


  • Teach other people. Share your skills! Realizing how much you’ve learned and how helpful those hard-earned bits of knowledge can be to underserved communities will open your eyes to how much undiscovered potential there is in the world.


  • Discover more things to be grateful for. When you count your blessings, take an extra moment to list out three things that had to have happened to make those things possible. The randomness and statistical unlikelihood of these things will renew your belief in the overall goodness of life.


What are your favorite memories that are exclusive to your generation?

What are your favorite unanswered questions?

Who might benefit from a couple of hours of your time?

Do you have an example of something awesome that’s happened, where three seemingly random or unrelated things had to happen first?

What makes YOU feel inspired?

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