• Unable to login into SWQL Studio

    Installed SWQL Studio in my server where Solarwinds SQL database located. Launched SWQL studio with all login type to no avail. Login into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio success using server authentication. Pl...
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  • Support SLA

    What is the typical time it takes for support to contact or respond to an issue opened online?   I have one that I opened on the 10th and no one has responded?  I have two more open and finally got a respo...
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    created by justin.alcorta
  • Solarwinds Consultant role in Wilmington, DE

    We need some one having experience with configuration of applications/Systems into Solarwind. Experience with System Monitoring Software, Solarwinds IP Monitoring.
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    last modified by scott2020
  • Geek Speak thread not awarding points?

    It looks like this Geek Speak thread " Is Your Shop Stuck in 2008?" is not awarding the customary 50 points. DanielleH or mrs.alterego, can you please look into this?
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  • How do I start a Geek Speak blog?

    I am interested in writing some Geek Speak blog posts, but how do I get the posts to Geek Speak?  Do I have to get approved for that?  I just want to share some ideas!
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  • How to add bulk external nodes

    Hello.   Is anyone ever had to add bulk external nodes? If so I would appreciate any help on how to do this. We have a requirement to add around 150 external nodes. I have tried using the Discovery tool, but can...
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  • View:  Application and Network Data In One View

    Greetings!   I am looking to create a view/dashboard that contains both application data and network node data, on separate tabs.  I have my view created but in order to limit the applications data to just ...
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  • Change username?

    Does anyone know how to change your username on Thwack forums?    Thanks!
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  • Username Change

    I need help!   Can I change the username for an account that was created previously ?
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    last modified by karamsad12
  • Username change

    Can I get my username changed to Brizer or Brizer451?
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  • Username change request

    Hi there,   I wasn't sure where to put this, but how can I change my username? I set my account up incorrectly.   Thanks
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  • Offline Installer required for Orion and NPM/NCM/NTA/SAM

    Hi Team,   I am a new learner for solarwind tool, I would like to to work on tool in offline mode. Is this possible I can install offline Installer and work. Can yo please provide any link for these details. ...
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    last modified by jaspreet
  • Event log forwarder step by step

    Hi all: Does anyone have experience with event log forwarder?     Could you help me with the initial setup.     My scenario is windows server 2012 r2.   Thank you   Gustavo
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    last modified by gustavo.debenito
  • SAM Component status in unknown state on a specific poller

    Hello,   We have SAM 6.7 in our environment along with other modules. Component monitoring was working fine earlier with all the servers. Since a week, SAM components on Linux servers on a specific poller go i...
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    created by rucha.v
  • Share your Alert variables

    Please share your Variables here.
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  • Unamanage node

    how can we overcome the MM override. example: if node A is already scheduled for maintenance which can not be seen until the actual maintenance time is reached, if the same node is scheduled again to different time ...
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    created by miryalaprashanth
  • Delete Account

    How do I delete my account?   All the other posts get a reply to the effect of "I can help you with that."   Is there a form or something, or only Thwack admins can delete.   Either way, I want my ...
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    last modified by anzjackson
  • Java Developer

    Position: Java Developer Location: Mountain View CA Duration: 6 + Months   Mandatory Skills: Spring Boot, Java REST API   Job Description : • 5+ years of hands-on experience in IT industry wit...
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    last modified by jason briggs
  • How to clear or remove Server Reboot alerts from Active alerts Dashboard

    Hello Guys, We are facing issue for server reboot alerts. When any server get rebooted it throws alert on dashboard as well as we are getting mail and we just want mail. We have configure reset condition(reset afte...
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  • app.pendo.io

    I noticed Solarwinds NPM 12.5 is making calls to this web site: pendo.io when it is loading pages. Does anyone know its purpose?
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    last modified by rhether