Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on getting this info into the right hand pane of the ideas posts, but I thought I would go ahead and get it out there in the world before I start hacking. Just a quick note to say, "Yes, you do need to log in to vote and comment." We want you to vote on the ideas and we want you to comment on discussions, but we also want you to join our thriving community. We want you to engage with us in more ways than a click or a quick comment. We appreciate your desire to be anonymous and there are many ways to protect your personal info, even when you provide it in your profile (take a look here: You have every right to prefer not to...).

On that note, we want to openly acknowledge that an issue was discovered in our instance of Jive in regards to mentioning people. It seems, right now, that when you @ an individual, whether they want their full name revealed or not, it is. I apologize for this and want everyone to be aware that we are implementing a fix on Wednesday night. Our friends at Jive jumped on this and back-ported a fix for us.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you to all of you for your patience.


See you on the boards,