A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our SysAdmin Day contest. You rocked it and the web took notice. For those of you who dig the numbers, our contest space was viewed by over 13000 people our last week and over 10000 when we launched. Okay, I'll put away my numbers... but know that I'm grinning bigtime.


You knew the day would come; you had your bets placed; you had your favorites.... You brought your stories.You voted.

So, let's get right down to the winners, to heck with the drum roll.


Congratulations go out to chrisiaut !

Chris' tale "Even the best security system has no chance against the janitor" was selected as our grand prize winning story by our panel of judges (more about them below). So, who would have known that a little detective work while SysAdmin'ing for the school would ultimately reap such a cool reward... I mean really, do we do this for the rewards? ...okay, maybe don't answer that. But, you've gotta smile at the NetGear open AP. Ouch.


Our five other well-deserving winners, selected by you, our incredible community, and based on eligible entries with the most votes are:


Each of you, you gifted spinners of yore and classic yarns, receives a $50 gift card to ThinkGeek.


Let us not forget to once again thank our judging panel:

  • Wesley David, a sysadmin that has been in many trenches with many of his own tales, but he can't tell any of them without weeping. Wesley blogs at The Nubby Admin.
  • Denny LeCompte, VP of Product Management at SolarWinds. Denny believes that if a company understands its customers and the problems they face every day, creating products that they can enjoy using becomes simple.
  • Trevor Pott, a sysadmin and writer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who built his first network at eight years old and hasn't stopped building them since. Trevor blogs at The Register on systems administration.
  • Matt Simmons, a 10+ year sysadmin, blogger at  Standalone Sysadmin, and active member of the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA). He currently works for the College of Computer and Information Systems at Northeastern University.


Thank you all for your help, your stories, your contributions, your votes... most of all, thank you for getting that mystery box in front of me to talk to the pizza box in the closet to talk to the other pizza boxes and ultimately to the bigger world out there.


My proverbial hat is off to you all!