Hey everyone, I hope you are looking forward to a productive week. I'm not going to wax poetic over Valentines or anything else this week. I just don't see the point. What I do want to point out is that we have a new badge and a new reason to celebrate the chocolaty goodness that is thwack. Our man bobross, with his happy little icon, palette knife in hand, has carved out a new place in the thwack-u-verse. He is our first script guru and well-deserving of the title. Check out the way he paints a path through the snow-covered trees and guides folks to script safety here: Re: Need help with monitoring file age whent he filename is based on date.

On a more housekeeping note, we have a published Code of Conduct for the site. I'm incredibly happy to say that I wrote it because I was checking boxes... dotting is and crossing ts, as it were. I was not asked, and we did not see a spike in negative activity. I thought it was time, especially in light of our moving to a new platform, and had a little fun with it. It did take a couple weeks to get the lawyers to bless it, so it's a good thing it wasn't pressing. Please check it out; you are accountable, as it were: codeCode of Conduct.

Please join me in welcoming our latest Ambassador, derekschauland (derekshauland and @webjunkie), to the boards. He is posting in the General Cloud, Virtualization, & Storage forums, and his Welcome to Thwack Storage – What are you working on? has been viewed like crazy. Come check him out and get the conversations started on his speed post: How Much is too much, and can it ever be too fast?

Remember, we're still looking for Send us your love notes!.... Tell us your APM (SAM) stories; tell us your SeUM stories; give us love and be prepared for a Yeti hug of wonder. You can wax poetic here Re: Oh, APM (now SAM!) How You Have Changed My Life......

Oh, and come follow us on twitter for links to cool posts and info: @thwack.

I guess a heck of a lot has been going on... *grin*

See you on the boards,