Initiatives for the community get me jazzed. Let BigfootSolarWinds_FINAL_sma.pngme share a little eye-opener. I sent an automated email out to all the DameWare and DNSstuff users, after we purchased the companies. I'm not apologizing for inviting these folks to check out the community, not at all. We have a unique community filled with great people who are smart, helpful, and altruistic.


I am rather embarrassed that my invite was followed by, mixed in, and/or piggybacked with 3 emails to the same set of people to inviting them to buy our software. Needless to say, some folks thought I was selling them community and I now know how to insult myself in numerous languages. I like language; I like learning; I like paranormal phenomenon; I like to swear. But, I learned that all good lessons, including learning how to swear in multiple languages, can be learned in the wrong way.


One thing I never thought would be offensive, an invitation to join our community (not the smell of Yeti), was definitely taken by some as invasive and annoying. Oh, and if you do send people email, even if you have no plans to do so again, you better have an unsubscribe link... otherwise, you manually have to get people off the list you don't plan on using again.


Well, at the risk of incurring the wrath of those of you who do check out my blog, I do want to make you aware of a rather cool competition/opportunity to brag about how you use SeUM and APM (soon to be SAM) in the Spread the Word forum. It makes sense to me to let you know about something cool, humanoid, and focused on you, our customers, friends, and advocates.


And yes, I want one of these Sasquatch wall clings in my home networking closet. I'm going to see about putting him on the inside so he can look down at me every time I open the door... he's got my back. He knows the importance of the Unsubscribe link. He is unavoidable; he is coming; he is, as we all know, camera shy. For more information, check out this announcement Send us your love notes!  And, for more information about how we are viewing system management, take a look at It's the End of Systems Management as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by Denny, our VP of Products. Some of us remember when he was a Product Manager.