I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our fill of New Year’s
resolutions. Now is the time to sell the Bowflex you bought last year on
Craigslist, since we all know that exercise was an oft mentioned resolution for
2012. Oh, and there always seems to be the resolution about getting along
better with others and being more outgoing, less caustic, less cryptic… okay,
maybe that is just me that thinks about doing that stuff, but get the Bowflex
out of the garage and on Craigslist. You should be able to sell it quick right


I found myself out of town for New Year’s Eve and, amusingly
enough, on New Year’s Day, I also found myself watching some insane marathon of
Storage Wars. Okay, bad enough that they made a show about people bidding on abandoned
storage units, but even worse that I watched mesmerized by the part eBay, part
casino, part Antiques Roadshow strangeness of it all. I was jazzed whenever
someone found something crazy valuable among the refuse of discarded memories,
a telescope in a unit that went for 50 bucks that was worth 250 or so. But, I
guess what really got me thinking about work and server racks and the lab and you
and the rest of our community was when one guy pulled out some old rack
switches and correctly declared, “These are networking switches,” while
stacking them roughly one atop another. It was the second part that killed me, “They’re
probably worth at least a couple hundred dollars each.”


I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, people looked at me like I
was nuts, having my own private chuckle in the hotel bar. And, well, there went
that resolution, right out the window. I’m way too geeky to quietly nod and
agree with someone who thinks 10 to 15 year old half-rack switches are worth
anything to anyone for more than a door stop, especially untested and after
being cooked in an outdoor storage unit for who knows how long. I’m sure you
have read enough about resolutions for change. Here’s one for staying the same.
I resolve to go back to not watching TV on anything other than a computer
monitor and to make sure my geek flag flies high.


Hope everyone had a safe, happy, and geeky New Year’s Eve
and welcome to an amazing new year.