• SCP Branded Shirt Interest?

    As a result of recent interest in SCP branded polo shirts, I've been discussing the idea with a vendor to offer them up for sale to SCPs.  The idea right now is to offer a male and a female version, with one or t...
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  • Is there any authentic certificate or company serial number after passing exam ?

    Hello everybody,                         I just wanna know that after pasing SCP exam and a simple ce...
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  • Solar Winds Badge

    I have completed my solar winds exam will i receive a badge or Kit
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  • i need the full material for SCP exam

    Hello i need the full material for SCP exam
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  • Passed SCP Exam.

    Hello,   I have just passed the SCP exam. How long should I expect to receive my SCP Number and Verification Code after passing the exam?   Any help would be highly appriciated.   Thanks, Shiva Mishra
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  • I want some basic level video tutorials of Solarwind application just basic level of

    Can some one share the some basic level of video tutorials of solarwind application so that i can start it my own at home
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  • Please  Help meI did not receive my exam

    Dear Everone I registred as user name      Thwack Login   I send my information but I do not received my confirmation of exams and my user name for exam
    thwack login
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  • Please Help to register for the SCP exam

    Anybody would like to share the solarwinds certifications links from where i can register for the exam and also the exam questions and answers as well i mean dumps ??????   Hope you guys would help me in this p...
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  • SCP exam overview - my perspective

    I like to take tests. I'm just weird that way. At one of my jobs, they actually put "exam hamster" on my business cards. For me, It's like doing a crossword puzzle and most of the time I don't have a lot riding on the...
    Leon Adato
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  • New Network Engineer here, Any Advice?

    Hi All,   Little background about myself  - I am 20 years old and I have been in my Job as a Remote service engineer for 2 years. I started the job by joining in on a Microsoft apprenticeship which lasted ...
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  • SCP Congratulatory Email

    Hi All,   I hope this email finds you well. I just passed the SCP exam about a day ago and i just wanted to ask how long it will be before I receive the congratulatory email confirming that I passed and asking m...
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  • Certification

    Hello to everybody i am new and i am trying to take the CSP .Is it possible please to advice me what i need to read ?
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  • SolarWinds Certification

    Hello, everybody!   I´m trying take a SolarWinds Certification. Someone have a different material like questions, simulated, documentation?   Thanks, Rodrigo Almeida.
  • Solarwinds Certified Professional

    Does anyone have a prep course for the SCP? I have satelite internet at home so streaming video isn't very useful. If there are videos I can download or other material that can be downloaded that would be more benefic...
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  • SCP from the Foxhole

    Hello everyone   Today i passed my SCP and i want to congratulate the makers of the test. Myself an IAT Level III take my hat off with 2 minutes to spare to finish my background forte is on the Sec side of th...
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    Hi All,   I am interested to do SCP certification please guide me how to complete the certification.   Thanks & Regards Amaresh Reddy T
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  • Passed the Exam

    i have passed today the exam . what is next that i need to do ?   Thanks Vassilis
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  • When will your SCP badge be added to your profile?

    Please reach out to patrick.hubbard if you have any questions or you can comment below.
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  • I've achieved SPC

    Hi guys     my name is Badr, I'm From Saudi Arabia.i had Solarwinds course which is led me to take the exam.i achieved the exam with reasonable score.     what should i do next guys?    ...
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  • Studying for my SCP!

    Hello Everyone,   I have finally decided to go for my SCP....any study tips???
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