• which is the last email from solarwind before the shipment is made ???

    Hello Everyone                       I have received the email from team Solarwind on 2nd of March that your or...
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  • SCP exam overview - my perspective

    I like to take tests. I'm just weird that way. At one of my jobs, they actually put "exam hamster" on my business cards. For me, It's like doing a crossword puzzle and most of the time I don't have a lot riding on the...
    Leon Adato
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  • Whats in the SCP welcome kit

    Just wondering what kind of fabulous swag we can expect.
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  • When will your SCP badge be added to your profile?

    Please reach out to patrick.hubbard if you have any questions or you can comment below.
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  • Still have not recieved email with test link. How do I get help or a response?

    I've followed all the steps for registering for the exam. However, I still have not received the email with the test link so I can take the test. Clearly, I've signed up for Thwack and I replied to the initial email&n...
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  • SCP Certified

    Its true, working hard pays off. I am now SCP and i am proud of my self.
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  • Solarwinds Cert?

    Been using Solarwinds for a while and just found out they have a certification. Anyone look into that or have it and is there any value?   Thanks, Greg
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  • I want to register for the SCP certification. What is the complete process?

    I want to register for the SCP certification. What is the complete process?
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  • New SCP feature: e-certificates

    I had a restless weekend, and left alone with my dev environment, I added a new beta feature to the SCP program: e-certificates.  While the handsome thick-stock certificates, hand applied into attractive black wo...
    Patrick Hubbard
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  • Study Guides

    What have certified individuals found to be helpful in studying for the certification tests?  Obviously, the product documentation but anything outside of that?  Possibly video training as well, sample tests...
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  • How can I will arrange SCP Full study Guide /Exam Preparation guide?

    I am interested for SCP exam, but here only a little SCP-exam Preparation guide available. I need full Study Guide or actual exam guide which will cover my SCP full exam.   Let me know actual location of stated...
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  • SCP Branded Shirt Interest?

    As a result of recent interest in SCP branded polo shirts, I've been discussing the idea with a vendor to offer them up for sale to SCPs.  The idea right now is to offer a male and a female version, with one or t...
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  • SCP registration

    Hello. I haven't received any response yet after replying with my information for the Solarwinds certification email. I sent the response 7th of June and I responded again on 28th of June. Thank you in advance for the...
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  • SCP Registration

    I registered for the SCP certification and completed the email questions but I've received no response.  It's been a week.  I've re-sent the email twice.  No reply.    Any help would be appr...
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  • SCP Certification delivery Information

    Hi ,  I Passed my SCP certified exam on 22-04-2015. I have updated my account for my address & contact information. is there's anything left that you need to start shipping my complete welcome kit or the ce...
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  • Can somebody share the document which is required to pass the SCP exam?

    Please assist me in preparation of SCP exam. Need documents to study the SCP. Please send me those documents which can help me to become Solarwind certified professional
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  • When do I get my welcome kit?

    I passed the exam on July 15.  How long should it take to get my welcome kit?
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  • I attempted to register 2 days ago and didn't get any response until now

    . Have I made any mistake in registration form or synch with my Thwack account makes any problems? ... or maybe it needs more time. Please give me any answer.
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  • How do I join the Linked In Group?

    Member ship to the SolarWinds Certified Professional Linked In group is open to all Certified Professionals.  Please please send an email to certification@solarwinds.com with your Name, SCP Number, Verification C...
    Patrick Hubbard
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  • Order Your Welcome Kit, unsure where to order?

    I just passed the test and received my congrats email. it mentions that i can get a kit. will this be sent to me or can i purchase one.  thank you
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