• Monitor Windows processes high CPU excluding SQL

    Hi, What I want to do is generate an email of processes and how much CPU they're using on servers running SQL Server. The catch is I only want to send an email if CPU usage is over 90% and SQL is using less than 80%,...
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  • How to generate report for collecting Microsoft IIS details?

    Hello All,   I am trying to generate the report for seeing the on how many servers Microsoft IIS is installed/Active/Disabled.   I tried to create the report using SWQL query, Dynamic Query Builder and Sta...
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  • THWACKCamp 2018 Award for best Dark Theme Bump?

    Nationwide Dark Theme bump.  On "The Price is Right"!!  Aired June 13th, 2018.   They said no product placement or ads.  I thought, "No problem, #DarkTheme is an destination not a product."  ...
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  • Where Are My THWACKcamp 2018 Points?

    I know by now a lot of you have been wondering where your points are from doing the THWACK Participation Mission for the last two days. Some have been able to obtain their points automatically, while others are still ...
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  • Mute alerts for a group

    Is it possible to mute alerts for a group?
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  • virus El ransomware Dharma,

    Buenos dias, hay algun usuario o experto que tenga experiencia con el virus identificado como Ramsom ware , que bloquea y encripta los datos de la base de datos que ataca asi como  cambiar las extensiones, podria...
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  • How to monitor Actifio - Backup Appliance

    All concerned,   Is there any template or documentation on how to monitor Actifio software?   Thanks Afonso Alves
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  • User Permissions for AD account need to use WMI.

    I am new to using Orion.  I want to alert on Disk Volumes when they reach a certain percentage using VMI.  Can anyone tell me what permissions this user (service) account will need when being setup up? ...
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  • Subnet Calculator & Realtime Bandwidth Monitor on Windows 10

    I've tried installing both free tools on Windows 10 and getting installation errors.  It says to install Microsoft .Net.  But when trying to install the latest Microsoft .Net framework it says I already have...
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  • Thwack Camp 2018

    Will there be a Thwack camp 2018? I have not seen anything on this.
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  • Points?

    Don't think I received any points for the activities the last two days.  When will those be posted to our accounts?
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  • Listing serial numbers with SolarWinds

    Hi All,   I was wondering if anyone had an easy way for displaying serial numbers, service tags, or model numbers in a list using Solar Winds. I've been trying to create a report to do it for me, but I'm still n...
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  • GNS3 Ranked the #4 Hottest IT Skill in 2018

    This week GNS3 was ranked the #4 Hottest IT Skills in 2018 by Udemy. It's been an amazing journey so far working with everyone here in this community and are excited about what we have in store in the years to come. &...
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  • Solarwinds Beta Upgrade to Production

    We currently run NPM 12.2 and have separate hardware for db (sql 2016) and netflow 4.2. When running the offline upgrade to version 12.3 and netflow 4.3 we got an error stating there was a beta installed. Up to this...
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    Hi All,   I configured an SWQL query to show interface percent utilization, but i am unable configure custom search in that script, please help, below is the SWQL script.   SELECT n.NodeName AS Node, n.D...
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  • Alerts

    Hello!   I am trying to set up an alert for a remote site admin.   We would like this alert to alert if anything in network x.x.x.x is down UNLESS the core switch is also down.   or put otherwise &#...
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  • Right Click without SWET - can it be done?

    Hi folks,   We are recent adopters / switchers to Solarwinds and whilst we are loving learning it and understanding it's power we have hit a couple of major roadblocks that we'd like to overcome... The biggest a...
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  • cisco B6000 call manager

    hey family,kindly help on how i can recover cisco B6000 call manager
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  • Service Accounts and "least rights"

    I am looking for documentation on the "least rights" that the SolarWinds services accounts need. They want all services accounts for SolarWinds removed for the Domain Admin Group, unless we can show why they need t...
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  • Anyway to pull passwords from SAM.

    I suppose I could, if it's required request the customers send me passwords again, but either the a process of deletion/gone missing/lack of admin and I need to recover an email from SAM.  I was wondering if ther...
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