• How to find who is pulling a lot of data

    Solarwinds detected a high XMIT % utilization for Serial 0/0/0, more than 90%, in one of our switches. Is there a way to find out who is pulling that amount of data? Like which IP address is consuming it, etc?   ...
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  • Mute alerts for a group

    Is it possible to mute alerts for a group?
    Mahesh Muralidharan
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  • Hardware Sensors for Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis

    Please let us know how can I monitors Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis hardware in SAM
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  • Getting Credit for Missions

    Not sure where to post this. Not like any other forum I've ever used so here goes.   I have done several of the things outlined in missions but they still show as grey and not completed. For instance, I think yo...
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  • FTP Voyager Client supported protocol

    Hello All,   FTP Voyager client current free Version does not support TLS 1.2 Is there any paid version of FTP Voyager client which can support TLS 1.2 ?   Thank you.
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  • Rest API need to return required data

    Hi   Our requirement is that we need a rest  api  that returns data in a json format. For example, we will send server name i.e  krishna123  to rest api and it should return necessary informa...
    krishna mishra
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  • Your Help

    I need your vote, I have added an entry under the Storage Resource Manager to have the Net App Solidfire solution added. Yo may not be running any Net App products, but for those of us that do we can only ask you to h...
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  • NPM 12.1 Netpath 1.1.0 Netpath not working

    So first time trying to setup Netpath.   Could there be bogus issue on why Netpath services will not be working with this version?.   Response on Network Path polling Host Unreachable The endpoint has not...
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  • 90 Percentile reports of CPU and MEM of Virtualmachine monitored by solarwind

    Hi is there anyone tried to generate a 90 percentile reports of cpu and memory from solarwind. I can see 95 percentile out of box reports, but there is no discusiions on how to get other percentile reports or how to c...
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  • I missed when the 2017 Thwack Camp Points will be awarded.  When will they be--or have they already?

    I'm sure this info is buried somewhere in the Thwack Camp 2017 notes, but I'm not finding it.   What's the date that the 2017 Thwack Camp points will be awarded?   Hopefully they've not already been awarde...
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  • Thwack Monthly Mission

    Today I answered the question with "Gain visibility into VPN tunnels," and it said it was wrong. I do not agree since the whole line in the doc was "Gain visibility into VPN tunnels, failover monitoring, and connectio...
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  • What We Are Working On

    Log into THWACK and follow this page to receive a notification when this page is updated >>  The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an o...
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  • Network Topology Mapper is the solution?

    Hello everyone,   I'm looking for a solution, a client of ours has around 9 facilities that all share the same network. He basically wants to automatically discover all devices and changes in the network. Maybe ...
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  • DBA Disruptors

    I Love these guys they should be available in the Thwack STORE.  
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  • Password Reset

    We had to reset one of our authenticating password for our Orion Application and I have reset the password everywhere I can find it in our Orion Web interface but we still get lockouts for bad passwords.  I have ...
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  • September 21week three question 14

    When I click on the link it shows an error like "The item does not exist. It may have been deleted."
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  • Does Azure support sending email confirmations.?

    Does Azure support sending email confirmations, such as when a user register, reminder for daily topics, etc.? If so, is there a simple way to implement this.?
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  • Error in connection between client and solarwind

    Hi All, We have some agents that are unable to connect to Solarwinds. The client was installed, snmp is correctly configured, and the firewall ports 17778 OUTBOUND & 17790 INBOUND have been opened. We have verifi...
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  • Vendor/Third Party Management Software

    What do you use to manage vendors or third party companies? We currently have numerous telco, data service, security, and power vendors. It is hard to keep them straight. We are trying to find ways to keep track of th...
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  • How to save input from a custom html form to a .txt file?

    Hello everybody, i'm trying to save input from a custom html form in Solarwinds NetPerformanceMonitor into a .txt file. I wrote the code in 2 .asp files and it worked. I added the code in a custom html template in t...
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