• Solarwinds Orion Database to other than MSSQL?

    Hello Everyone,   this discussion is more than a discussion a question, could it be possible to install solarwinds on other type of DB instead of MSSQL, currently we monitor a bunch of devices, therefore sometom...
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  • Getting started with SolarWinds Backup

    Curious to learn about SolarWinds Backup?    This course offers users an introduction to SolarWinds Backup. Focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data securit...
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  • Alert condition for down alert not firing alerts

    Hi,   I have setup a generic alert when a node goes down, within here i have excluded certain items (WAN routers) as i have a separate alert setup for those. Looking at the Show list for the objects in the envir...
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  • Excluding ESXL volumes that I cannot see

    Hello fellow thwackers.    
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  • External Clock Issues

    Hello,   Disclaimer I am new to Solarwinds and Solarwinds Orion.   I have just put the server into operation on a SONET network. I have noticed it was kicking some clock sources off of the network render...
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  • Where does solarwinds store Interface Availability details for each poll?

    I have the poll intervals configured to be checked every 120 seconds.       The responsetime table shows the polls of each node in 120 second intervals.   Which tables are used to store the in...
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  • how to synchronize active directory accounts with Orion

    Hello, we are implementing Orion in a company, and we have several questions that we want to know if they can help us. 1) How to integrate accounts of an active directory with Orion 2) How to migrate notifications f...
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    created by solvitec ecuador
  • Opportunities @ Microsoft for a Network Engineer with strong SolarWinds experience

    I thought this would be the perfect place to find someone looking for an opportunity in a very secure, fairly large, globally distributed environment at Microsoft Universal Store. If you are interested, please ping me...
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    created by dcornell
  • Stephen Hawking, An inspiration on so many levels, Dies

    Below is an NPR article on his passing.   In one #multiverse, I would like to think he is out taking a walk.   Stephen Hawking Dies: Physicist Who Awed Both Scientists And The Public Was 76   RT
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  • UDT discovering STATIC MACs versus DYNAMIC MACs

    I need assistance from the collective.  Here’s the issue:   We implemented Cisco Port-Security sometime ago to lock down VoIP phones for e911.  I believe just I found an issue with UDT and Cisco P...
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  • Dial a paging or SMS service using notepager pro

    Dear concern   please help me to the right solution for SMTP carrier, SNPP carrier and WCTP carrier,   can smtp  carrier sent a sms my mobile number when a alert trigger .(if i'm using our smtp serve...
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    created by mr_masood
  • Required help to solarwind set up

    Hi Team ,   what is best product in solarwind to monitor alerts,performance,bandwidth and analyzer etc   Can you suggest any product who fulfill my multiple requirement Should i pay each product?? !
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  • Now 200,000+ points on Thwack

    In early 2012 a Reseller loaded Solarwinds Orion NPM and NTA as a demo to see if we would like it to replace our current monitoring environment.    About May 2012, I dug into the demo and built it up to re...
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  • Getting Credit for Missions

    Not sure where to post this. Not like any other forum I've ever used so here goes.   I have done several of the things outlined in missions but they still show as grey and not completed. For instance, I think yo...
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  • What We Are Working On

    Log into THWACK and follow this page to receive a notification when this page is updated >>  The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an o...
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    Hello guys. we will increase disseminate our knowledge about the tool with users here from BR. I am organizing a group to meet in March in São Paulo city. And the beginning of this movement in BR. Please cont...
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  • Can a Application monitor show the Worst result based on the status of its Component monitors

    Hi All,   I have a application template  which has 3 component monitors, namely A, B and C. I want to alert only when all the three component's status is critical. There seems to be two ways of configuri...
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  • Mute alerts for a group

    Is it possible to mute alerts for a group?
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  • Hardware Sensors for Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis

    Please let us know how can I monitors Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis hardware in SAM
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  • FTP Voyager Client supported protocol

    Hello All,   FTP Voyager client current free Version does not support TLS 1.2 Is there any paid version of FTP Voyager client which can support TLS 1.2 ?   Thank you.
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