• Email Custom Property Variable

    Has anyone set an email custom property for an Application object?  I added a new Applications custom property called "Email_Notification", set the email address on the application page, and set the alert up with...
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  • Issue in monitoring Site to Site VPN

    I have added my firewall in Solarwinds NPM. We have several Site to Site VPN running on it but its not reflecting on the solarwinds. Its showing all the vpn either down or inactive while in reality they are up.
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  • What We Are Working On

    Log into THWACK and follow this page to receive a notification when this page is updated  The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official S...
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  • For those that have won prices on any event... Did you ever get your price?

    I had gotten an email that I won during the last ThwackCamp but it has been months and no price yet?  Anybody else had this issue?
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  • Today is my (THWACK) Anniversary

      It’s now been 11 years since I joined this community.  Eleven years – that’s longer than the length of many IT jobs.  For me, I joined the community to ask what I thought were stupi...
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  • New Solarwinds SWAG from coworkers!

    I took off on Friday and Monday only to find a personal gift from my co-workers in my workspace this morning.   They are Solarwinds Orange with personal embroidering on them for the commemorating my Solarwinds T...
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  • Perform monitor Oracle Application on SolarWinds

    Hi Team,   could you help to check and share me how to monitor oracle database on SolarWinds? I try to install ODP.NET but I didn't see in part: C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Orion   Best Regards,   Bun...
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  • Community Cookbook

    This weekend MrsSigma and I got to talking about what we were looking forward to eating this year during the holidays.  This might have been influenced by watching the ending of the current season of the Great Br...
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  • Muted Alerts "Icon"

    I have a little bit of a issue, it is not so much an issue but maybe something that is out there and I just am unable to find it. So when a node is muted the icon next to it stays the same as unlike when it is unman...
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  • Want to trigger on EIGRP including Interface info

    Hello, Do to an issue with our DMPVNs I want to alert on EIGRP but also add interface information as triggers.  Seems like alert doesn't like mixing interface with "Routing Neighbors" trigger.  I am on NPM ...
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    created by Zak Kahl
  • Historical view of cpu usage

    Is it possible to view determine what process was using CPU at a given point in time in the past, and if so, how far back can we go. Problem is we don't know what process or service it was. this is on a Windows server.
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  • THWACK points for Virtual Classes

    Hi, I attended 4 virtual classes, completed the survey at the end and linked my thwack account and never received points. Who I can contact regarding this? THANKS!
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  • Microsoft Azure users, we want to talk to you

    SolarWinds is looking to talk to customers that currently have their SolarWinds products deployed on Microsoft Azure.  We want to get a feel of how it’s running and the Pros/Cons of running on Azure vs on-p...
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    created by jhensle
  • Shop/Store orders query

    Hi all, I ordered some items from the Thwack store back in August and when I check it shows as 'order processing' - was just curious how long current wait is ?   Couldn't find a specific forum for store related...
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  • Demo to use scanner for WHD

    My company uses the SolarWinds help desk for asset inventory. I want to do a demo showing how using a bar code scanner can shorten our push out time for assets to new users and inventory? Is there any way that I can u...
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  • THWACK points for classes

    Sorry I am new - was trying to find out how to get THWACK points for the (3) courses I just attended   I have already linked my account to the Customer Portal but my points did not show up??
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  • What's up with this?

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    created by abaker
  • Success Center search box is missing and google links to Success Center don't work

    This morning I went to the Success Center and found that there was no search box. Yesterday links I found on google were taking me to the top page of the success center not the article referenced. Is this a new featu...
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  • Solarwinds Queries - DPA

    I was wondering if the team uses dpa and the sql plan tool to monitor Solarwinds db activity and tune code for subsequent releases?
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    created by dkoceja
  • Custom Group Alert

    Hello, I am looking for anyone who has experience in setting up a custom alert for groups. We created the group and use a custom attribute in the trigger condition. The members of this group make up all of the APM, W...