• How to monitor Actifio - Backup Appliance

    All concerned,   Is there any template or documentation on how to monitor Actifio software?   Thanks Afonso Alves
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  • User Permissions for AD account need to use WMI.

    I am new to using Orion.  I want to alert on Disk Volumes when they reach a certain percentage using VMI.  Can anyone tell me what permissions this user (service) account will need when being setup up? ...
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  • THWACKcamp 2018: My Recommended Must-Watch Sessions

    I'm Rick Schroeder, a Network Analyst for the last 28 years for public education and health care systems. I support a network that spans across three north-central states and contains 100 hospitals, clinics, and busin...
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  • Subnet Calculator & Realtime Bandwidth Monitor on Windows 10

    I've tried installing both free tools on Windows 10 and getting installation errors.  It says to install Microsoft .Net.  But when trying to install the latest Microsoft .Net framework it says I already have...
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  • Thwack Camp 2018

    Will there be a Thwack camp 2018? I have not seen anything on this.
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  • Points?

    Don't think I received any points for the activities the last two days.  When will those be posted to our accounts?
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  • GNS3 Ranked the #4 Hottest IT Skill in 2018

    This week GNS3 was ranked the #4 Hottest IT Skills in 2018 by Udemy. It's been an amazing journey so far working with everyone here in this community and are excited about what we have in store in the years to come. &...
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  • Solarwinds Beta Upgrade to Production

    We currently run NPM 12.2 and have separate hardware for db (sql 2016) and netflow 4.2. When running the offline upgrade to version 12.3 and netflow 4.3 we got an error stating there was a beta installed. Up to this...
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  • Service Accounts and "least rights"

    I am looking for documentation on the "least rights" that the SolarWinds services accounts need. They want all services accounts for SolarWinds removed for the Domain Admin Group, unless we can show why they need t...
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  • March Mission Prize Not Arrived

    I won the March Grand Prize but I can't get a tracking number or any response back from the person that contacted me, brett.holzhauer. What can be done?        Correctly answer all 20 question...
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  • Solarwinds Orion Database to other than MSSQL?

    Hello Everyone,   this discussion is more than a discussion a question, could it be possible to install solarwinds on other type of DB instead of MSSQL, currently we monitor a bunch of devices, therefore sometom...
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  • how to synchronize active directory accounts with Orion

    Hello, we are implementing Orion in a company, and we have several questions that we want to know if they can help us. 1) How to integrate accounts of an active directory with Orion 2) How to migrate notifications f...
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  • What shaped you into the IT pro you are today? Share your story and get 500 THWACK points!

    All of us had to start somewhere. Whether it was your first computer, a programming class in school, or that job that helped you get your foot in the door—there was a beginning. Origin stories aren’t just ...
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  • Its Goal Setting Time…How Are You Measuring Your Value?

    If your company is anything like SolarWinds, you’ve probably been going through the annual goal-setting process with your management team.  In many functions, this is relatively straight forward.  Sale...
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  • UDT discovering STATIC MACs versus DYNAMIC MACs

    I need assistance from the collective.  Here’s the issue:   We implemented Cisco Port-Security sometime ago to lock down VoIP phones for e911.  I believe just I found an issue with UDT and Cisco P...
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  • Now 200,000+ points on Thwack

    In early 2012 a Reseller loaded Solarwinds Orion NPM and NTA as a demo to see if we would like it to replace our current monitoring environment.    About May 2012, I dug into the demo and built it up to re...
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  • Hardware Sensors for Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis

    Please let us know how can I monitors Fujitsu Blade Servers and Blade Chassis hardware in SAM
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  • FTP Voyager Client supported protocol

    Hello All,   FTP Voyager client current free Version does not support TLS 1.2 Is there any paid version of FTP Voyager client which can support TLS 1.2 ?   Thank you.
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  • Rest API need to return required data

    Hi   Our requirement is that we need a rest  api  that returns data in a json format. For example, we will send server name i.e  krishna123  to rest api and it should return necessary informa...
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  • Password Reset

    We had to reset one of our authenticating password for our Orion Application and I have reset the password everywhere I can find it in our Orion Web interface but we still get lockouts for bad passwords.  I have ...
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