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Meet the NEW IPAM 4.2

Posted by mungerman Aug 26, 2014

Earlier this year we conducted a survey and asked you what it’s like managing DHCP, DNS and IP addresses. Among the findings, we observed that you are spending about 40 hrs. a month managing roughly 2,000 IP’s.  You also told us you needed things to be a lot easier especially when it comes to configuring and tracking IP addresses and DHCP and DNS services. We’ve just released IPAM 4.2 and we can help!


Let’s take a quick tour of what’s new.


NEW Automatic Subnet Discovery.  We know many of you are working with spreadsheets that are outdated. Why would you want to import these outdated spreadsheets into a shiny new IPAM tool? Rather than manually create your subnet definitions, IPAM will now discover your subnets automatically by conducting neighbor scans on your routers and load the results into IPAM.  How cool is that?



IMPROVED Integrated DNS Configuration Management.  Often when implementing a new IP address you need to make a corresponding DNS entry.  IPAM integrates this DNS configuration task with the task of activating or deactivating an IP address.  Now you can seamlessly create DNS PTR and A Records.



IMPROVED DHCP and DNS Resource Monitoring.  IP conflicts are not the only related problem that can bring one or more systems off-line.  IPAM now delivers improved DHCP split scope monitoring so you can more closely monitor utilization of address pools within each DHCP scope.  IPAM will also now alert you on mismatched DNS entries and help you avoid the problems when the forward DNS entry does not match the reverse DNS entry.



NEW Device Vendor Identification. When you look at an assigned IP address, how often do you wish you determine what kind of device it us? Well now you can.  IPAM now offers device vendor identification using an integrated MAC address lookup.  This will save a lot or head-scratching and time when troubleshooting problems.



NEW Automatic IPv6 Address Discovery and Verification. You don’t manage IPv6 addresses the same way you manage IPv4 addresses.  So if you have started to use IPv6, you may not know where or how all of your IPv6 addresses are being used. IPAM will automatically discover your IP addresses by querying routers and switches for known IPv6 devices and load this into your IPAM IPv6 subnets.  In addition, IPAM will also use IPv6 ping to verify the status of each IPv6 address.  How much time will this save you?



We’ve introduced you to what’s new in IPAM 4.2.  If you wondering why any of this matters to you, take a few minutes and read this thwack post “Would a Hospital Manage Patient Care Using Only a Spreadsheet” or grab this white paper written former CIO and Microsoft MVP Brien Posey on why Now is the Time to Modernize your IP Management System.  Or you can download the NEW IPAM 4.2 and put it to work for you.

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