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I am pleased to announce the General Availability of Netflow Traffic Analyzer - NTA - v4.0.


The benefits of NTA v4.0 are:

  • Larger customers will benefit from a dramatic improvement of the flow processing capabilities (at least 5 times more flows compared to NTA 3.x)
  • All customer sizes will benefit from more accurate network troubleshooting data, based on the possibility to retain highly granular flow data (1 minute) for months vs. hours before
  • Existing customers will see visibly improved performance of NTA itself, as well as all other products running on the same servers.
  • All customers will benefit from the ease of use brought by the new Orion Core platform reporting module
  • FIPS compatibility


NTA v4.0 release notes are here


You can find important FAQs about v4.0 here


We all hope you enjoy this major release of NTA!



I am pleased to announce the General Availability of Firewall Security Manager v6.6 (FSM).

This release delivers the main features of FSM integrated to the Orion WEB interface. Among them:

  • Dashboard summarizing the overall security stance across all your firewalls (e.g. PCI Compliance, Security overview…)
  • The Firewall Detail view, making it fast and easy to locate the desired security rules
  • Access to security and config cleanup reports


FSM dashboard.png

FSM details.png

You can find the release notes for FSM v6.6 here

SolarWinds FSM v6.4 is now available for download in your customer portal.

FSM v6.4 brings these improvements:

  • Full product and documentation rebranding (SolarWinds).
  • Enhanced evaluation experience
    • Bundled Java JRE  so that users do not have to perform  an additional download and installation.
    • New Evaluation and Quick Start Guides
    • Auto launching after installation of the Client
  • New import wizard to help users with initial tasks, such as importing new devices into the firewall inventory (tips, troubleshooting information…)
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8

You can view the full set of release notes, including problems fixed, here.

Note about upgrade to FSM 6.4: The Release Notes referenced above, contain important information about upgrades from your current version of FirePAC or FSM, to FSM v6.4.
We recommend that users spend a few minutes reviewing them, especially if you plan to perform an upgrade from FirePAC deployed in Standalone mode, to FSM v6.4.

What is Firewall Security Manager (FSM)?


FSM is a new product, now part of the SolarWinds portfolio, which can perform analysis and reporting around security rules that are in your firewall and router configurations.

Even though the product is called “Firewall Security Manager”, it is also very much applicable to the security rules of your routers.

So think of “Firewall” as the function and not the device.

FSM has tremendous value, not only to perform firewall - the device - config analysis, but also does a great job looking at your router’s firewalling features such as ACLs and NATs…


FSM supports the following devices:

• Cisco Security Appliances: PIX, ASA, FWSM, ASA 8.3

• Cisco IOS routers: Version 12.0 to 12.14, excluding X* Series

• Juniper firewalls: Netscreen, SSG, ISG

• Check PointTM products: SmartCenter NG/NGX, Security Management R70

• Check PointTM platforms: SecurePlatform, Check Point IPSO (formerly Nokia), Crossbeam, Linux, Solaris


The product can be run standalone, or integrated with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM). More on this integration here.


(Much) more here

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