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We want to talk to you! The SolarWinds User Experience (UX) team is responsible for designing features and products that are easy to use, useful, and efficient for our users.  The most important part of that process is your feedback.


Users who participate in virtual feedback sessions might spend an hour getting an early look at new features and products in development, or maybe we’ll ask you to show us how you use a critical path feature in your environment. We want to talk to you about what you like, what you don’t like, what’s missing, what’s hard to use or what’s just plain inefficient. Who knows? You might even get a sneak peek of an upcoming release!


Of course you’ll be rewarded for your support of the SolarWinds community. If you are selected to participate in a feedback session, you’ll receive points for use in the thwack store. Score yourself some swag and boast about your opportunity to lend your ideas for your favorite products.


If you are interested in signing up to participate in a UX session, please sign up for our user database and we will contact you if an opportunity arises!

Engineer’s Toolset delivers a comprehensive collection of must-have networking tools ranging across monitoring, discovery, and diagnostics tools. By taking advantage of Engineer’s Toolset you can quickly diagnose, isolate, and find the root cause to the problems affecting your network.


Join SolarWinds product management team for this webinar where you will learn:


  • Introduction to SolarWinds Workspace Studio
  • Top 10 commonly used tools in Engineer’s Toolset
  • Tips and Tricks for getting the most out of Engineers Toolset
  • Engineer’s Toolset integration with Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
  • Engineer’s Toolset integration with Network Topology Mapper (NTM)


When is the webcast?

Register for this free webinar and learn about the best practices for getting the most out of Engineer’s Toolset.


Register Now

Wednesday, June 5

10:30 am CDT / 4:30 pm BST

Come take the IPv6 survey on how you prep'd and migrated or are not so prep'd ...you can also read my other post here: IPv4 Addresses Exhaustion: Millions of Voices Suddenly Cried Out in Terror ….Suddenly Silenced?


IPv6: Next-Gen Internet

By the end of 2012, North America and Europe will no longer have free IPv4 addresses to allocate. Where does your IT organization stand with IPv6 adoption and migration?


Starts today (11/12) and ends 11/28.

And just for a bit more incentive, three survey participants will receive $50 Amazon gift cards.

For those of you, like me, who like to see the raw link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SolarWindsIPv6.

Hi everyone,

Our Ux team is core to our process here at SolarWinds. To help our products fit your needs and evolve with you, we need to hear from you. Right now, we are looking for people who are new to our ecosystem. If you have been a user of any of the SolarWinds Orion products for less than 18 months, please consider providing your feedback to the team in one of our 60 minute sessions between November 5th and 9th. You can see Kellie's post here: Want an early look at concepts for some changes to Orion Settings?, but if you have any questions or want to give it a whirl, please don't hesitate to reach out and let your voice be heard.

Email kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and get on the list. By the way, helping Ux is one of the many ways you can earn points here on thwack and cash in for cool SolarWinds stuff in the store: THWACK Point System - Updated March 6, 2018.

Help us shape the product the way you want it.


See you on the boards,


Want to win a new scooter or an Alienware M14x gaming laptop?

Well, today is your lucky day!


From now through August 30th, if you'll help us build some hype around VMworld, you're eligible to win one of these great prizes. Here are the details:

How to win the laptopalienware-m14x-r2-feature1.jpg

1) Follow @SolarWinds on Twitter


2) Tweet something about VMworld with the '@SolarWinds' handle AND the '#VMworld' hashtag. Note that you DO NOT have to be at VMworld to win this prize! Anyone can play, and you can tweet about anything...but here are a few ideas:

  • What are you most excited about at VMworld 2012?
  • What do you want to learn at VMworld 2012?
  • If you use SolarWinds Virtualization Manager or Storage Manager, tell your friends about it!

Just make sure that it's something that your friends will want to retweet ...you'll see why in a second.


2) Get your Twitter followers to RETWEET your post.

3) We'll rank the top 10 retweeted users. Then we'll take those top 10, and draw for the winner of the laptop.

See full laptop contest terms and conditions here.


How to win the scooterscooter.jpg

1) Follow @SolarWinds on Twitter


2) Visit SolarWinds and Acronis in Booth #1701 at VMworld, and have your badge scanned.


3) Tweet a picture of yourself with the scooter with the '@SolarWinds' handle AND the '#VMworld' and '#acronis' hashtags (let your friends know where to come and find us!)


4) We'll draw from the list of all of the "Tweeters" for the scooter, and we'll arrange for you to pick it up at the nearest dealership to your home!


See full scooter contest terms and conditions here.



Are you a new user of SolarWinds NPM? Could you use a refresher of the product basics? If so, join SolarWinds for a level 1 NPM customer training. This training will include:


- The basics of monitoring technologies

- Understanding monitoring for routers, switches, servers, and other infrastructure

- Alerts! Making the most of your performance and availability monitoring

- Optimizing NPM features


  Register for this live event on Tuesday July 12th: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/342337152

New VoIP Network Quality Manager, VoIP Troubleshooting with Detailed CDRs – Free Webcast Tuesday, July 10

Need help monitoring and troubleshooting VoIP performance and quality?  Join SolarWinds for a sneak peek of our newest product, VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM).  VNQM provides the ability to monitor, alert, and troubleshoot VoIP call performance and quality by correlating call detail records with network performance statistics.  See how easy it is to pinpoint network issues that are impacting VoIP call quality before you hear from your users.


North America Registration: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/911893481


APAC: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM SGT (registration link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/617418577)

EMEA: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM BST (registration link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/237595313)

In this webcast we will cover:


  • Orion Integration – Now in your Orion console, you'll be able to view important patch management data alongside other SolarWinds products in the integrated web console.  You'll be able to see information like the latest available patches, top 10 missing patches in your environment, and general health overview of your environment based on which patches have been applied.
  • Integration with System Center Configuration Manager 2012.  Today, Patch Manager is integrated with System Center Configuration Manager 2007.
  • Improved configuration – This next release will automatically install WMI providers on Patch Manager servers, automatically launch wizards to setup 3rd party updating, and provide remediation suggestions for commonly encountered WSUS errors.


Presenters: Lawrence Garvin & Brandon Shopp


WHEN: July 18th,  2012

TIME:    10:00 am CDT

REGISTER:      SolarWinds Patch Manager – Sneak Peek - NA/LATAM

If you weren’t able to clone yourself at Microsoft TechEd 2012 to see everything you wanted or you were not able to be at this content packed event, we have you covered!  Join myITforum’s Rod Trent for the rundown of key messages, monumental product releases and critical technology components that are sure to impact your professional life for the next year.


Presenters: Rod Trent and Lawrence Garvin


WHEN: June 21st, 2012

TIME: 11:00 am CDT

REGISTER:       https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/194532184

An educational webcast to learn about what’s new with Software Updating in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  Microsoft MVP, Matthew Hudson, presents an “insider’s look” at Software Updating in 2012 and provides some handy tips on using the new features in 2012. 

In this webcast, they discuss:

• Overview of Software Updating from SCCM 2007 to 2012

• New features in 2012 that simplify software updating

• Using the new Automatic Deploy Rules to automate the software updating

• Insider tips on how to further simplify software updating in 2012


Watch Now>> http://www.solarwinds.com/resources/webcasts/sccm-2012-insiders-look-webcast-3-whats-new-with-software-updating.html

There are many changes in SCCM 2012, but the changes that will require the most planning and forethought are those around Hierarchy. Join SolarWinds and Microsoft MVP, Matthew Hudson, for an insider’s look at how Hierarchy has changed in System Center Configuration Manager 2012.  We’ll answer questions like “Why are multiple primary servers no longer needed? “ and “Where did the central site go?” See how the new hierarchy simplifications in SCCM 2012 will make life a lot easier!



In this webcast we’ll cover:


  • Overview of how Hierarchy is simplified in SCCM 2012 and what it means to you
  • New ways to break up geographical, political, and technological boundaries in SCCM 2012
  • Expert tips for planning and setting up SCCM 2012 Hierarchy


Presenters: Matthew Hudson and Lawrence Garvin


WHEN: June 20th, 2012

TIME: 1:00 am CDT

REGISTER:       https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/794667273

Join us for this free educational webcast to learn about what’s new with Software Updating in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.  Microsoft MVP, Matthew Hudson, will present an “insider’s look” at Software Updating in 2012 and provide some handy tips on using the new features in 2012. 

In this webcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Overview of Software Updating from SCCM 2007 to 2012
  • New features in 2012 that simplify software updating
  • Using the new Automatic Deploy Rules to automate the software updating
  • Insider tips on how to further simplify software updating in 2012

SolarWinds Patch Manager (previously EminentWare) extends the patch management power of Microsoft WSUS and Microsoft SCCM to provide an easy-to-use, affordable solution for deploying, managing and reporting on both Microsoft and 3rd party patches.  Not only will you automatically receive ready-to-deploy patches for common 3rd party applications like Adobe® Acrobat, Flash, and Reader, Apple® iTunes, Google® Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox, Oracle Java® and many more; then deploy on your schedule. SolarWinds Patch Manager also gives you more control over the whole patch management process -- saving you tons of time and headaches.


The Presenter: Matthew Hudson, MCTS, Microsoft Configuration Manager MVP, SCCM Expert



WHEN: May 30, 2012

TIME: 1:00 pm CDT

  REGISTER:       https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/724413761

Remember the Amazon Cloud outage last April that affected many prominent sites? How about the Intuit outage last March? Configuration errors are one of the leading causes of network downtimes.

Learn how to protect your network from human error, disasters, and just plain bad luck in this informative webcast.


We will overview:

  • Why you need an NCCM solution
  • Common complaints about these products: expensive, complicated, time consuming
  • A look at Kiwi CatTools



WHEN:  May 25, 2012

TIME: 11:00 (US Central Time)

REGISTER: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/827256777

SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) offers a powerful and affordable solution for monitoring business-critical web transactions and web sites from the end-user’s perspective. Whether you are testing the impact of website changes or troubleshooting web application performance problems remotely, you don’t want to miss this session to learn how SEUM can save you countless hours!  And with v1.5, we make it quick and easy for you to deploy tests to the cloud and run synthetic transactions whenever you see fit!


During this session we discuss:

  • SEUM architecture
  • Best practices for monitoring websites/web apps
  • Recording a transaction
  • Deploying transaction players
  • And of course, what you get with SEUM!!
  • Stepwise transaction analysis
  • Distributed playbacks
  • Centralized management


  LISTEN HERE  http://www.solarwinds.com/resources/webcasts/customer-training-synthetic-end-user-monitor-best-practices.html



There has been a lot of buzz around Systems Center 2012 in recent weeks.  Microsoft has made a lot of improvements to Operations Manager, in particular new capabilities for dashboarding, some network monitoring and application monitoring for J2E and .NET applications.  These improvements are great for large enterprises that have already invested their time and resources to getting SCOM deployed.   SolarWinds offers an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement product for monitoring your physical & virtual servers & applications, which is ideal for companies of all sizes who need visibility into their infrastructure & application environment.  Attend this ‘Back to Basics’ webcast to learn from a former SCOM admin how easy it is to monitor your server & application environment with SolarWinds.  This webcast will cover how to:


  1. Deploy existing agentless templates, add community templates to your environment and how to augment out of the box templates to add additional performance metrics.
  2. Customize dashboard views, leveraging dynamic service groups
  3. View and create reports – no SQL experience necessary!


Presenters: Brandon Shopp, Director of Product Management; Jed Krisch, Manager, Technical Services, Carilion Clinic


WHEN: May 24, 2012

TIME: 11:00 am CDT

REGISTER:       https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/449309240

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