The holidays are in full swing and while we hope this time of year will only bring good tidings and cheer, sometimes it doesn’t always go our way. Maybe the store sold out of the last item on your special someone’s wish list, or the holiday roast overcooked. Regardless, the best we can do when our holiday plans go awry is to learn and prepare for next time so our holidays can continue without a hitch!


The same can be said for the technology solutions we develop and use—sometimes they don’t perform as perfectly as intended. So we’re making a list, and checking it twice. We want to hear from you about times this year when your hybrid or cloud applications acted more naughty than nice.


We want to know about the glitches that almost turned you into a grinch this past year. What web application problems did you spend the most time troubleshooting and debugging? Was it downtime? Slow speeds? Whatever it is, we want to know the common issues that impacted application performance.


Let us know what the common glitches you experienced in 2019 were, by December 12, and we’ll give you 250 THWACK points in exchange!