Telling tales of data center horrors this Halloween


October 31 is coming up soon, so it’s time for costume parties, haunted houses, and your favorite scary movies. Halloween stories are frighteningly fun during parties or wrapped up in a blanket at home—we all love a good Dracula or Frankenstein tale!


In the spirit of Halloween, we may tell stories of things going “bump” in the night, but nothing’s as terrifying to tech pros as things that go bump in the data center.


To celebrate Halloween this year, we want to know your scariest, most goosebump-inducing data center fears and anecdotes that not only scare you this season, but year-round. Did you have a mishap with a chiller, HVAC, generator, or branch circuit? Or did something outside the data center affect your ability to conduct business as usual?


Tell us your scary stories and how you fought against these spooky tales by Friday, October 11 and we’ll put 250 THWACK points in your account.