Earlier this year we asked you about your experiences managing applications in today’s hybrid world—and how the hybrid IT infrastructure is shifting as business apps move to the cloud. Here’s what we found:


  • 60% are managing and monitoring applications, with 21% already moving business applications to SaaS
  • Those who have moved business applications to SaaS say 20% or less of their business apps are hosted in the cloud
  • 14% have already implemented cloud/container infrastructure, but 36% aren’t even considering it yet


The question is, where does an application performance monitoring (APM) strategy fit into all of this? We know from the recent SolarWinds report Driving Business Performance Through Application Performance Management that having an APM strategy, including robust yet easy-to-use tools helps drive businesses forward.


We have the numbers and survey results, but now we want to hear from you:


  • How important is APM to your job?
  • How does it impact and benefit your business overall?
  • Are you considering user experience monitoring of apps as an increased concern?
  • What more should we learn about APM and today’s hybrid IT realities?


Share your thoughts by September 12 and we’ll put 250 THWACK® points in your account!