KEVIN is driving a open-top convertible with his sunglasses on, the sun on his face.  The car is moving down an empty highway and KEVIN is speaking directly to the camera.

Hey – I’m Kevin M. Sparenberg and we’re browsing about looking for the THWACK community’s best tricks and tips on this inaugural episode of THWACK Tuesday Tips!
  KEVIN drives the car out of frame.

But in all seriousness, everyone’s time is precious.  It’s the one commodity that will never be replenished.  Our goal with this series is to offer very short tutorials on the SolarWinds products.


You might ask yourself why we are doing something like this.  After all, SolarWinds has the SolarWinds Lab each month, the SolarWinds Academy with weekly classes, the SolarWinds Success Center with knowledge base articles, and THWACKcamp each year. Do we really need to have something else? To that, I say “yes.”


The thought process looked something like this: The quicker you can watch the video, quicker you get the information you need, the quicker you get the job done, the quicker you get to go home.


So, join me as with kick off with the first episode of Triple-T.  It’ll be so money.