Remember what used to keep you up at night but now seems trivial? We promise, no one else noticed your acne back in high school or that time you busted a move on the dance floor. We’re all shaped by life’s countless awkward, funny, difficult, proud, or painful moments and experiences. So, what if you could go back in time and give the past version of yourself some advice?


To celebrate SysAdmin Day this year, we want you to tell us about the start of your SysAdmin career and what advice you would give your past self. What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started? Maybe it’s your most frustrating moment, or your funniest *SysAdmin fail*. Would you have done anything differently if you knew then what you know now? Whatever it is—whatever makes you who you are today—we want to know.


Although it’s impossible to travel through time (yet), reflecting on the past is often the best way to avoid repeating mistakes, grow from our experience, and help others. So, we’d also love to know: what advice would you give future SysAdmins and tech pros after reflecting on your own career?


Tell us by Tuesday, July 16, and we’ll drop 250 THWACK® points into your account.