That's a wrap, THWACKstonians!


THWACKcamp 2018 is NOW officially over. For those who missed out during the live event, we hope you had an amazing time reviewing each session recording during this mission.


Two days of IT goodness recapped in a month long mission. What more could an IT professional ask for? As we cruise into the end of the year, we hope you're ready for the next mission.


Mission Recap & Survey Questions:



While all of you handled this mission with amazing precision, a few of you managed to pull away with some amazing prizes. We'd like to recognize those who won this month's amazing giveaways.


Week 1: jdeakin1


Week 2: whitebd@andersonhospital.org


Week 3: goofykc


Week 4: rhrohde


Grand Prize: rwagner


Shortcut: pgaryga


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* The newest Monthly Mission goes live December 3rd, 2018