In case you missed the announcements during THWACKcamp, our 2018 THWACK award winners are:


Innovation-ize-alyzer Award - rschroeder

Carmen Sandiego Award - CourtesyIT

The Domo-arigato Award - mesverrum

Zero to 100 - jeremymayfield

The SolarWinds Boomerang Award - jbiggley

Keeping it Real - rschroeder

I'm Going to Let You Finish, But... - mesverrum

Class Valedictorian - frankmuhlstadt

Monthly Mission Master - wfordham, ecklerwr1, cisherwood, dealton.lyman, jasonstak2079, steven.crabtree, femiodejide, doberhol, sierra1011



Thank you to everyone who participated in the nomination process, our esteemed judges, and all of the great contributors who have won our metric-based award.