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My name is Nick Zourdos, and I’m a Network Administrator in K-12 education. I've only been out of college and working in the IT game for 6 years, but I’m honored that in that time I’ve been selected as a THWACK® MVP. I joined THWACK in 2013 when my manager handed me a demo of Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and said, “Here, this is your job now.” Since then, THWACK has been an invaluable resource for not just SolarWinds products, but for my growth as an IT professional.


I've attended THWACKcamp since 2015 and was fortunate enough to attend in person last year, where I was presented with the Dashboard Detective THWACK Award. The experience of networking with fellow MVPs, as well as the SolarWinds employees I interact with daily on THWACK, was something I'll never forget. From impromptu troubleshooting and design sessions with other MVPs, to discussing #darktheme with the UX team, to sneak peaks at application mapping before it was released, every day at THWACKcamp last year was packed with incredible SolarWinds monitoring goodness.


This year I'm going back to the basics with the session New Job, New to SolarWinds? While I've been working with SolarWinds for the better part of six years, I'm looking forward to getting schooled on best practices and "the simple stuff" that I've managed to let run wild. Just six years ago I was green—very green. As a result, I deployed our current SolarWinds environment without any thought of the future, and current-me despises past-me for it. In the next year or so I plan to rebuild our SolarWinds deployment, with the hope that laying the proper groundwork will guarantee the success of this new environment. I'd encourage you to read this article, as it's a much more elegant presentation of the point I'm trying to make. Mastering the fundamentals is a crucial part of becoming proficient. This holds true for more than just your SolarWinds deployment, and I am excited to revisit the 101 course to help further hone my skills as a monitoring guru.


Whether you are a seasoned monitoring nerd, a new SolarWinds user, or maybe you’re new to this thing called IT, this session will be worth tuning into. There is sure to be valuable insight that can be applied to both your SolarWinds environment, as well as your career as an IT professional.


Are you attending this session? How long have you’ve been using SolarWinds (if at all)? What else are you looking to learn? Veterans and newbies alike are welcome


Join me. Register now and attend on October 17 – 18, 2018.