Dearest THWACK,


My, how you’ve grown! If it wasn’t for the National Institutes of Health and US National Library of Medicine defining fifteen years as being ‘adolescence,’ I’d say you’ve grown into a fine adult.


I guess you’re just mature for your age. Check out this timeline, to see how much everything has changed!


From my perspective as your Product Manager, and as one of your loving adoptive guardians, maybe being an adolescent a few more years isn’t such a bad thing. It means you’re still growing and changing for the better. It means your greatest years are still ahead of you. Most importantly, it means you have countless lives you’re still going to touch.


I know I speak for the rest of your parents (DanielleH, wabbott, sonofagum, mrs.alterego) in saying we’re proud of you. So mighty damn proud.


I mention these people, because so much of who you are today can be traced back to their influence, their love, and their passion at making you successful.


Danielle has been fearless. She’s been your advocate from her first day at SolarWinds and will stay your biggest fan until long after this wild ride is over. There is nary a feature she hasn’t influenced, a day she hasn’t championed, and a night she hasn’t lost sleep over making you the best possible environment for all of your users.


Wendy is the envy of the entire parenting team. Her voice and her writing style has been the backbone of THWACK’s personality. Not a single one of your contests, missions, or special events have gone without the impact of her pen and her keyboard.


Rachel is single-handedly responsible for the growth of some of your most important and signature features. Her tenure at the helm of your tech kept the ship upright and plugging forward to true north.


Casey has been hiding in the shadows for far too long. When I say he’s responsible for every line of code written on THWACK since 2012, I MEAN he is responsible for every line of code written on THWACK since 2012.


Finally, the work of these six people and myself would be absolutely nothing if it wasn’t for the community.


What we do, we do for you.

What you do…actually, we can’t even begin to understand who or what you do it for.


You’ve penned 3,300 blog posts, spawned 8,200 ideas, authored 10,000 documents, asked and answered questions on 76,000 discussions, and created over 120,000 total pieces of content.


That wasn’t us. That was you. Every user. Every MVP. Thank you.




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