All of us had to start somewhere. Whether it was your first computer, a programming class in school, or that job that helped you get your foot in the door—there was a beginning. Origin stories aren’t just for super heroes. Even everyday unsung heroes had to be forged in the fire of greatness and molded to what they are today.


Every day is a new chapter. Life in IT never slows down and a new story is always unfolding. It’s not the problem you fixed yesterday or the solution you found today, but the collective IT expertise we gain along the way that keeps us coming back for more, every day. We believe that for every IT pro, there’s a success story waiting to be told, and we want to hear yours.



In the spirit of reflection that comes with a new year, we’d like you to tell us how your IT story has unfolded. Share your experiences in the comments below and we’ll reward you with 500 THWACK® points. It doesn’t matter if your story is humorous, heroic, or humble—we’re interested in hearing what made you the IT pro you are today!


*Post your story by Friday, February 2nd, 2018 to receive credit. Points will be awarded the following week.