Happy cruising the THWACKillac this glorious Tuesday! I can’t believe it’s been an entire three months since the last time we chatted about how THWACK is growing.


Last week we wrapped up nine months of preparation for our epic annual virtual IT event, THWACKcamp 2017. If you haven’t checked out some of the amazing sessions the SolarWinds team put together, zip over there and take a peek. I personally thought the 7 Deadly Sins of Data Management session was phenomenal, and I’m not even a DBA.


The event grew with vengeance this year, and helped us with momentum to make some really great updates to THWACK. If you’re active on here, you’ve probably noticed some of the changes roll out over the last couple of months, including @mentions in our live chat and a prettified (technical word) chat embed.


Leaps Forward this Quarter:

  • Site facelift to match the gorgeous refreshed SolarWinds brand.
  • Optimized navigation to simplify your life and make things easier to find.
  • Missions have been de-coupled from blog posts, enabling us to (soon!) do much more exciting activities like Easter egg hunts, quiz games, etc.. The sky is the limit. Well..no…the cloud is. Whatever.
  • Blog updates! While we gave a facelift to the ever-so-famous Geek Speak blog, you may have also noticed an exciting new blog called Monitoring Central. It connects with IT Pros on trends and events in the IT industry.
  • Automated store rewards. WHAT? Yes. We can now give away store items to people for participating in any activity you normally receive points for. In fact, any THWACKcamp 2017attendee from the US, UK, Germany, and Canada is in the process of receiving swag bags for attending!


All in all, a pretty solid quarter. As always, a tremendous shout out to Danielle, Wendy, and all of the amazing SolarWinds team members who made THWACKcamp 2017 such an epic event.


We’d also like to publically humiliate our latest team member, Brett Holzhauer, as our latest baby penguin.


Much love, THWACKnation.