The second quarter was the greatest of fun, my THWACKalite friends! It’s your friendly THWACK product manager, back with your next quarterly update on what’s new, what’s blue, and cooking.


You may have noticed DanielleH, wabbott, and lindsey.serrano have started an exciting process of adding the coolest of unique swag to the THWACK store, in the form of an Erlenmeyer flask water bottle, a thumping new Bluetooth speaker, and what we’re lovingly starting to call a ‘THWAmmock’. Because, you know, puns! Act fast, supplies are flying off our digital shelves.


Half-Steps Back:

  • We had a short period of time where y’all were collecting your magnificent THWACK points at a rate faster than Bunchball could track them. The pain points have been identified and resolved.


Leaps Forward:

  • We’re excited to announce we've completed our upgrade to the latest and greatest community platform. Things went off without a hitch and THWACK was only down for ~6 hours.
  • Is something going on with SolarWinds Lab? You may have noticed a new nav icon and a design refresh. Our beloved IT Pro talk show has received some makeup, including new page skins, a sweet new logo, and a rocking new intro segment. Haven’t watched an episode before? You should check us out on the 16th!
  • Slow chant: THWACKcamp! THWACKcamp! THWACKcamp! We’re in the throes of prepping for THWACKcamp 2017, and it’s going to be our biggest, baddest event in THWACK history. Not counting the great Network Performance Monitor Riots of 1862. Registration started August 1st.


It’s been a wild quarter, and there are some amazing things about to happen in the coming months. DanielleH just won’t let me tell you about them. Something about “surprise”. Thanks for being loyal friends and family on here. In the words of the great William THWACKspeare: “To THWACK, or not to THWACK. That is the question.”







Oh, and, as always, here's a picture of lindsey.serrano before her morning coffee: