Forget planning your summer (or winter, for our friends South of the equator) holiday—it’s time to prepare for System Administrator Appreciation Day 2017! From blasting performance bottlenecks and slashing application downtime to defending against data loss and endlessly having to instruct end-users to “turn it off and on again,” systems administrators are the grease that keep the wheels of modern businesses turning day in and day out.


On that note, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so as one way to help celebrate this year’s holiday, coming up on July 28, we want you to get creative, witty, and downright funny in helping us caption 12 scenes in the context of life as a SysAdmin. It’s a SysAdmin Day “Caption This”!


Use this survey link to share your best SysAdmin captions for the included images by Friday, July 7, and we’ll give you 250 THWACK points