The User Experience (UX) team is interested in knowing more about how you use SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and what is important to you when it comes to troubleshooting your application issues.


If you use SAM and are responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting application-related issues, please take this quick 5-minute survey.


You’ll receive 250 THWACK points, which can be traded in for some cool stuff!


Access the survey here:


Deadline to submit: Tuesday, June 13th


*Points will be awarded after the survey closes.


Thank you!



This month we asked you if you have the compliance knowledge to survive an audit.

Only you can answer that question and decide if you are truly ready for when your turn comes to face the dreaded auditor.

Each week we covered compliance from a different angle: understanding compliance, the industry perspective, risks to compliance and risks of non-compliance, and finally tools for compliance in IT.

So ready or not, hopefully you learned something useful from this mission that will help you become better prepared for the future. 

Congrats on another mission accomplished!




Mission recap survey & questions:


Log & Event Manager

A SIEM that makes it easy to use logs for security, compliance, and troubleshooting.




Stay tuned for the June Mission—Coming soon!

Hello, fellow THWACKians!


If we haven’t met, my name is Ben " thegreateebzies" Garves, and I’m the Product Manager working with the amazing DanielleH, wabbott, and lindsey.serrano to take THWACK to the next level.


I want to take the time each quarter to share with you some of the leaps forward (and half-steps backward) we’re taking to grow THWACK into one of the greatest online communities on the lightweb. Let’s face it. We can’t compete with some of the things on the darkweb.


Half-Steps Back:

  • You may have noticed our leaderboards have been all over the place. We first started experiencing leaderboard discrepancies in November of 2016 and eventually pushed out partner vendor to scrap their entire infrastructure and rebuild our leaderboards from scratch. I can happily report leaderboards are now perfectly synced. Just remember, points showing in your lifetime point balance may take up to 30 minutes to update on your leaderboard.
  • We had a super fun unplanned system outage on April 26th. Let’s just say there was a drought at the server farm in Phoenix.


Leaps Forward:

  • “Remove from cart” added to the THWACK store. Previously, items would need to be manually removed. Now, you have the ability to cancel an item before completing your purchase.
  • Free Tools and Trials redesign. We went wild and did a responsive redesign of a slightly outdated Free Tools and Trials page. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.
  • SWUG redesign. Hello modernization! We’ve also redesigned our SolarWinds User Group pages to provide you with much more information on everything from joining, hosting, and requesting a SWUG near you, to sharing your experience. You can take a quick peek here.
  • We’ve made some tweaks to our chat for SolarWinds Lab and THWACKcamp 2017 that provides for a more sound and stable environment.


One more quick note. We will be discontinuing point awards for document downloads. It’s been widely debated here, but preventing users from gaming these downloads will help us make sure we’re giving the best possible experience to the users who work so hard for their points. Whelp, that’s it for this quarter! See everyone in three months for another update!


(P.S. As always, here’s an adorable picture. Of a wabbott.)






It has been proven that the force is strong in the THWACK community. Every day you guys take on the performance slowing empire and restore order to your IT galaxies. Your end-users owe you a great deal of gratitude for rescuing them from the clutches of server outages, sluggish network performance and elusive hackers. We solute you. May the Fourth be with you!


How are you going to celebrate today? Is anyone wearing their shirts from our 2015 contest (IT Is Your Destiny)?

We want to hear how you're celebrating! Leave a comment or share your May the Fourth pictures below!


You made good use of SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer and managed to find proof of X.E. Dental DBA's innocence and set him free!

Another job well done & another mission accomplished!




Mission recap survey & questions:


Database Performance Analyzer

Performance Monitoring, Analysis, and Tuning software.



Don't forget to join us for the next mission, going on now>> THWACK MONTHLY MISSION - MAY 2017

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