Yes, we know it’s only April and IT Professionals Day 2017 isn’t until September 19. However, we want to make sure we do our very best to help celebrate you, the IT professional, on that special holiday. At this time in particular, we’re curious what you think would be a fun, engaging idea for For example, would you enjoy a quiz on some of the craziest tasks you’re called on to perform in your role, and of course, then seeing your results compared to your peers’? Would you find a funny original video highlighting all the great work IT pros do entertaining? How about e-cards you can share with other IT pros, or perhaps an interactive infographic?


Really, the sky’s the limit and we want to know what we can do on the website to in at least some small way help celebrate you. Share any ideas you have with us by Tuesday, May 2, and we’ll give you 200 THWACK points to show our appreciation.