The data center is like a seed – with the right amount of water and sunlight it can help an organization flourish into an abundant flower! OK, sunlight and water are hard to find in your data center – for good reason – but the power needed to run a data center has to come from somewhere, all in the name of helping an organization grow into a productive, efficient, and agile body.


Data centers are one of the fastest-growing energy vacuums in the IT industry, and all that power can have an adverse effect on the environment. But at the same time, we know you’re under pressure to keep processes running and your organizations running smoothly, which sometimes means the environment takes a backseat. With Earth Day just around the corner, we want to hear the tips and tricks that are helping you keep your data center green, like utilizing more environmentally-friendly power sources or powering down infrastructure where possible.


Let us know what an IT environmentalist looks like by sharing ways to keep data centers running green by April 14th and we’ll plant 250 THWACK points in your account for you to grow whatever you like!