Please join us in congratulating 14 community members who have reached the ranks of the elite SolarWinds THWACK MVPs!  Also deserving of recognition are the 47 folks who renewed their MVP status for yet another year, some of which have been apart of the MVPs for 5+ years!


In case you haven't already come across these folks in your conversations here on THWACK, below is a brief introduction for our 14 new MVPs.  Be sure to connect with them and the rest of our MVP roster, they are a power house of knowledge and SolarWinds how-to, best practices, etc.  You can find the full list of MVPs and learn more about how you can join the program here.


Celebrations are in order! Congratulations from all of us here at SolarWinds and the THWACK Community!


2017 SolarWinds THWACK MVPs


Username: tomiannelli

Name IRL: Thomas Iannelli

Professional Title: Information Services Manager

Iowa, United States

Username: mikegale

Name IRL: Michael Gale

Professional Title: Systems Administrator

Alabama, United States

Username: robertcbrowning

Name IRL: Robert Browning

Professional Title: Consultant

United Kingdom

Username: designerfx

Name IRL: Matthew Reingold

Professional Title: Network Engineer

Illinois, United States

Username: m60freeman

Name IRL: Mark Freeman

Professional Title: DBA

Ohio, United States

Username: nickzourdos

Name IRL: Nick Zourdos

Professional Title: Network Administrator

Michigan, United States

Username: kurtrh

Name IRL: Kurt Hashbarger

Professional Title: Network Engineering Chief

Virginia, United States

Username: tinmann0715

Name IRL: Peter Monaghan

Professional Title: Availability & Production Manager

Maryland, United States

Username: michael.kent

Name IRL: Michael Kent

Professional Title: Head of Infrastructure

United Kingdom

Username: damien.solodow

Name IRL: Damien Solodow

Professional Title: IT Engineering Lead

Indiana, United States

Username: m_roberts

Name IRL: Mark Roberts

Professional Title: Technical Director

United Kingdom

Username: sacosgrove

Name IRL: Sean Cosgrove

Professional Title: Systems Engineer

Washington, United States

Username: skhan

Name IRL: Steven Khan

Professional Title: Monitoring Engineer

New Jersey, United States

Username: mprobus

Name IRL: Michael Probus

Professional Title: Technical Architect

Kentucky, United States