Frosty the IT Pro

Was a jolly happy soul

When he pressed restart

His outage did depart

And his uptime reappeared


Down through the data center

With a server in his hand

Going here and there all around his lair

Singing: infrastructure, I love you.


Ok, so maybe that was a stretch, but would it truly be the most wonderful time of the year without a corny re-write of a beloved seasonal tune? With the holiday spirit in the air, you’re probably looking forward to spending time with loved ones, gift giving, and, of course, blinky lights that don’t indicate trouble in your data center or on your network.


As you write your wish list this season, we’d like you think about this, too: if you could ask your systems, network, or any part of your IT infrastructure for a present this year, what would you ask it for? Maybe you want to ask your network for fewer outages in 2017. Perhaps you want less sprawl from your virtual environment. Maybe you wish for better performance from your mission critical apps. Perhaps you want to ask your database for faster query response time.


Leave a comment below to share what gift you’d like from your IT infrastructure for the holidays by December 6 and we’ll wrap up 250 shiny, new THWACK points just for you in return.


Happy holidays!