Family and friend togetherness, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and gorging on a usually socially unacceptable amount of food. Ah, yes, Thanksgiving Day is almost here.


But of all the Thanksgiving Day traditions, the best of all is its namesake: giving thanks.


So, in honor of the most gratitude-filled holiday of the year, we’re curious: If you could talk to your servers, network, database or any other critical part of your company’s IT infrastructure—because, ahem, we definitely don’t really talk to our VMs (or so our therapist tells us) —what would you give it thanks for?


For example, as you think about the wide array of food that’ll be on your plate in just a few weeks, maybe you’re grateful to your SAN (see what we did there?) for keeping up with those new performance requirements. Or maybe you’ll relish in your fiber’s never-faltering, blazingly fast connection speeds. Or maybe you’ll want to thank your rack of lamb, err, I mean, server rack for impressive uptime this year. (Someone is obviously already excited for a Thanksgiving Day feast.)


Use the comments section below to share what you’d like to thank your [fill-in-the-blank IT infrastructure component] for by November 11 and we’ll express our gratitude to you with a hearty portion of 250 THWACK points.


It’ll be good practice for when you really do need to thank your new SIEM, Ava, for bringing the stuffing next year.