1606_thwack_August-mission_728x90.jpg Welcome to THWACK Awards 2016!

We are thrilled to introduce the first annual THWACK Awards! Over the years your stories have inspired us and fueled our passion to continue to build our community and products into what our customers need to achieve incredible feats of IT on a daily basis. We decided it was high time we gave official recognition to individuals & teams who have gone above & beyond. This is your chance to show off a little bit & take a bow in front of your peers.


Submit your awe-inspiring IT story (or stories, we know you have them!) and our esteemed judging panel of SolarWinds Head Geeks will choose 4 finalists and 1 winner in each of our 6 categories! Winners will receive a customized trophy, THWACK badge, bragging rights, and maybe even a promotion once management finds out.


Everyone who submits a story will receive 500 THWACK points (to be awarded after the mission closes).



July 25 - August 1st

We need YOU to decide what our "Community Wild Card Award" topic will be. Submit your suggestions on the official THWACK Awards 2016 page and make sure to vote on your favorites! Submission with the most votes will be our Community Wild Card Award.


August 1st - 26th

Accepting submission to all award categories.


September 14th & 15th, THWACKcamp 2016

Finalists and winners will be announced during our annual 2-day virtual knowledge share event and it's completely FREE!  Register now if you haven't already.


Award Categories



Community voted award- An award for those Thwacknation user ideas out there, that have been bumped over and over, right into the "What we're working on" status. This award would recognize the Thwack users, as well as the SolarWinds employees, working together, towards the same goal, to always make the most current version of SolarWinds the best version.


Tell us about some of your notable contributions on THWACK that have been bumped into What we're working on status and or implemented status. Please share any relevant links to posts on THWACK.

Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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Paper clips, bubble gum, and duct tape are all you really need to solve any monitoring problem, but isn’t it nice to know that SolarWinds has your back when all else fails. This award is for the person that has used SolarWinds products in an innovative way to solve a problem. If you have ever wanted to make a jetpack using a pair of garden hoses, this award is for you!


Tell us the story of your most clever IT solution or how you improvised to avoid a catastrophic situation using Solarwinds. Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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When you don’t have the proper tools in place to monitor with discipline, the dreaded you don’t know what you don’t know happens. What was the craziest thing that you found running on your network using SolarWinds products? Was it a fileserver running a seedy side business? Was it a game server running World of Warcraft instances for a certain department?


This award honors the moment you discover the insanity that exists when monitoring runs amok. Share your stories for a chance at glory and this award. Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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1606_thwack_August-mission_75x75_5.pngCARMEN SAN DIEGO AWARD

Size does matter. Does your SolarWinds deployment span the globe? Do you monitor with discipline across multiple time zones and geographical locations using SolarWinds products? If so, this award can be yours.


Share your stories about your SolarWinds deployment size and scale for a chance at glory and this award. Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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SDK superstar, that is what you are. Coding from afar, SWQL-ing to the stars. API with me to another place. We can Orion on each other, uh huh. From one SWIS-er to another, uh huh.


Let us know what awesomeness you have unleashed using the SolarWinds Orion SDK with your SolarWinds products. You just might win this award. Share your stories and reach for this star. Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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This award represents the opening of a new opportunity in an IT professional’s career through the use of SolarWinds products. An IT career can be a series of quests spanning IT knowledge and expertise. Completing each quest represents overcoming an IT trial or tribulation and putting it into practice. It represents the changing of the guard from the old you, culminating with a move on up the IT ladder to a new role with more authority and responsibility, and a new you!


The winner will be the one that is able to demonstrate how they have grown their IT career with SolarWinds products. Tell us how SolarWinds has helped you get the job that you wanted or the promotion that you deserved. If you have leveraged your career with SolarWinds as your monitoring tool of choice, share it with us and this award could be yours. Accepting submissions August 1st - 26th.


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For more information, visit and bookmark the official THWACK Awards 2016 page.