They say love is a battlefield, but as any SysAdmin knows—so is the data center! With an endless supply of “evil villains,” like zombie VMs, data loss, performance bottlenecks, application downtime, service outages and more, that could be lurking in the dark corners of a data center, you SysAdmins are the first line of defense for today’s businesses and end users. Yes, SysAdmins are truly the unsung heroes of modern business. And as your role continues to evolve with the growth of hyperconvergence, hybrid IT and cloud computing among other new technology trends, so too do the threats and challenges you must defeat day in and day out.


So, to help recognize all of you hero SysAdmins and to start celebrating System Administrator Appreciation Day on Friday, July 29th, we’d like to hear about your greatest SysAdmin moment in history: a time YOU came to the rescue and saved the day. And don’t forget to tell us what your corresponding fictional superhero identity would be—we know you’re out there, Captain Uptime and Incredible Server Girl!


Use the comments section below to share your heroic tale and superhero identity by July 1, and we’ll give you the key to the city, er, I mean 250 thwack points as a token of our appreciation.