NPM 12 is here and unless you've been hiding under a rock (which is not likely with this crowd), I'm sure you've heard the buzz around the new features and new Orion platform UI.  But in case you haven't, here's what's been going on.


We saw some really great feedback through the beta and RC process (thank you participants!) and in addition to the features in this release, we've also reduced the upgrade blues.

  • 93% felt NPM 12 was worth the effort of upgrading
  • 96% felt the upgrade took average or less than average effort
    • 35.7% - average effort
    • 60.7% - less than average effort
  • 93.8% felt this upgrade was equivalent to or easier than a previous upgrade experience.


Have you upgraded to NPM 12 yet?  If yes, please tell us about your experience below!  If not, I would highly encourage you to connect with folks in the comment section to vet any concerns or questions you have regarding this release.


NPM 12! Every Node. Every Path. Every Network.