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Hello All,


Just a quick reminder we are hosting a LIVE Demo this morning with cobrien + GNS3 Academy Instructor, David Bombal, to showcase the power of NPM integrated in a GNS3 virtual environment. The session, which is hosted by SDxCentral, starts in a couple hours therefore if you have time this please join in! We are offering up some FREE SDN + OpenFlow training for those that sign up!!


Hope to see some Thwack members there!



GNS3 DemoFriday: How to – Top Notch Testing & Analysis with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

June 10th - 10amPT


“Test early, test often” is a well-known mantra among IT folks, but that “spare” network gear is often in short supply. GNS3 has just the solution – virtualized networks! You can use GNS3 to test monitoring, mock up a network, perform a dry-run of an upgrade, or even just tinker with the newest features of your product. We will show you just how valuable the combination of GNS3 and  SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

In the GNS3 demo, David Bombal and Chris O'Brien will help you in setting up and configuring a virtual network lab using GNS3 and then spinning up a virtual machine running the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring solution to test the power of brand new features like Netpath Service which will help you discover the entire, complex network path that connects users to services far, far away on the Internet.

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This GNS3 / Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor demo is available to everyone, but would benefit network architects and network engineers the most. VPs of  strategy and operations should listen in as well if they are looking for change within their organization and looking for a new testing environment at scale.