We live in an amazing time where we have knowledge of just about everything at our fingertips – it’s just a search away. This is the norm now, and one of the reasons why your #1 request has been to make it easier to find answers to your technical product questions.


Over the last year we’ve invested in processes and technology, as well as improving our technical content so that you can quickly find the answers to your product questions. Some of you have stumbled across this new capability already by doing a Google search.


With the new SolarWinds Success Center, now you have one stop for all official SolarWinds technical content. In the SolarWinds Success Center you will find:




So far the response to this additional channel for helping you has been extremely positive. The newly launched Success Center is v1.0, and we are updating the content EVERY DAY and we will be making improvements to the functionality over time. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for improvement. Please comment in this post or send a note to customersuccess@solarwinds.com.